Clown Incarceration

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I apologize for the quality, but new grounds is responsible not me, so shut up about your comments like, "did you do this in paint? No. Fuck you, Check out the link on youtube for a better quality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9roLNX-fsY&feature=g-upl

Animation by Josh hicks (me) and music by Matt Diluglio.


>The animation itself was pretty good-- the timing of the movements felt natural and were not sluggish.
>The characters were nicely articulated .
>The textures were a nice touch and helped to establish a sort of gritty feeling, though they may have increased the file size of your movie.
> I can really tell that you put a lot of time and effort into making this-- it wasn't something that was churned out in about fifteen minutes.

> Quality is an obvious one. A lot of detail was lost in this version of your animation. The YouTube video is definitely better in terms of quality, but this version is definitely lacking.
> Maybe this is just personal taste, but I feel like you overused gradients a bit. The black+[insert color] gradients don't really do much to add form or interest to the areas you've applied them to, and they remind me of the Flash animations that were common in the late 90s.
> The music looped awkwardly in one spot. Try to keep your volumes consistent to make your loop point more subtle.
> The movie was somewhat repetitive in some areas. the scene where the clown was running around in his cell seemed especially overused.

Overall, you've got a pretty good first submission, though there are quite a few areas in which it could be improved. Keep working on adding some more variety and optimizing your animation to mazimize quality, and I think you've got a lot of potential.

PS. It would be best to avoid calling your reviewers "retarded," telling them to "suck a cock," or saying "fuck you" to people who point out flaws in your animation. It is somewhat juvenile and makes you look like you can't take a critique.

FiveToes responds:

hey thanks, but i shant tone down my scornfull responses to haters, if you have a valid criticism, like you do , i appriciate it, and will work on it. keen eye by the way for catching that sound loop, the file wasnt long enough.

Not going to give you any stars since its your first flash, and many don't do too well on them.

First and foremost, thanks for sharing. It flowed rather smoothly which I don't see in alot of new animations, so good job there.
I suggest you work on your art a bit more since the art itself was... grainy? Not sure how to put it, but it looked like one large blur most of the time. And did you do most of the drawing in a paint program? Otherwise not to bad for your first time. I won't hold you the standards of Sexual Lobster or anyone else for the most part.
Work on your art, and trying to get it to flow a bit more better in the animation as a whole.

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FiveToes responds:

I don't know why it's like that, check out the youtube link above for a better quality, oh and suck a cock zero stars. Where's your flash animations, oh great critic, who holds upload quality against me.

Its not very good. However, if this was your first, keep making movies and getting better. There was no plot or point to this, nor a preloader, or anything else, but I'm curious to see how good you could be.

FiveToes responds:

there definately is a plot, if you're not retarded.

cool music

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Nov 11, 2012
3:09 AM EST
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