"Buddies" Ep. 1 (Part 1)

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"Buddies" is a new animated series under development from Shotgun Sandwich Entertainment. In otherwords, me. I'm hoping to put a small team together and make this an ongoing show.

This is my first animation so any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm a pizza guy and most people nowadays are selfish ###### who think 49 cents for a 10 mile run is generous. Most of them have lost touch with the value of hard work. Thank you though, for putting in the work to create this animation, as well as something I identify with. I'll be checking in; can't wait for episode 2!

ShotgunSandwichENT responds:

Thanks, man.

I would continuously follow this series. Possibly work on voices a bit more?

4 ur first animation. it reli goood. old ppl r funy

ShotgunSandwichENT responds:

They are exceptionally funny.

If this is really your first animation than I'm immensely jealous haha... This a some really legit stuff. You say your hoping to put a small team together? I would be honored to be involved in something of this professional quality... Hit me up and let me know what your looking for. 5/5 and faved :)

stoners ftw!!!! 420