Chick n' Slice

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FRONT PAGE!!! THANKS NEWGROUNDS!!!! Meet Chick and Slice. The two just meet and become good friends, together they set out on an adventure to Antarctica so they will never go bad.

Log Line: A never ending journey to stay refrigerated.



Everyone is right, this is for kids. I was so embarrassed watching this I went away to watch in private. My family assumed I masturbated to porn on the laptop again.

Just lovely.

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The pizza delivery guy is so hawt. Love the jams he was listening to in his car.
I love it :D so charming. Love the animations and the kids singing. So kawaii.

~"10 sexys out of 10"

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It shows promise. I hope this isn't the only installment.

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This is really entertaining to watch in the way it has been animated in a cute and simple without overdoing.The humorous parts although simple as well(which some considered to be childish,sorry for the crude word)prevents this from being boring,all it needs is a more mature feel to it to appeal to more viewers.The non-vulgar content is certainly easy on the ears after having to listen to other people use them excessively in real life.The voice acting is clear and are able to deliver the lines quite effortlessly.

Now to those viewers who find this piece 'annoying' and childish,what is the use of writing down frustration and insults?What is the goal of this?Hoping to get attention,get support or start an argument with those who enjoyed this?Sorry but those do not make proper reviews,instead they are rather biased negative views given by those who think that Newgrounds is only for mature people,clearly forgetting that Newgrounds is'Everything by Everyone' and since it is a website,it is also 'For Everyone',SO IF YOU THINK WORK LIKE LIKE THIS(which the creators and cast have put much time and effort into)AND HAVE NOTHING GOOD AND USEFUL TO SAY,IT IS BEST TO KEEP SILENT and it will be greatly appreciated.Thank you.

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3.40 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2012
8:11 AM EST
Comedy - Original