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Sandile's Who's That?

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Abomasnow 5 Points

It whips up blizzards in mountains that are always buried in snow. It is the abominable snowman.

Abra 5 Points

Using its ability to read minds, it will sense impending danger and teleport to safety.

Absol 5 Points

Every time Absol appears before people, it is followed by a disaster such as an earthquake or a tidal wave. As a result, it came to be known as the disaster Pokémon.

Axew 5 Points

They use their tusks to crush the berries they eat. Repeated regrowth makes their tusks strong and sharp.

Cloyster 5 Points

When attacked, it launches its horns in quick volleys. Its innards have never been seen.

Cyndaquil 5 Points

It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection.

Delibird 5 Points

It nests at the edge of sharp cliffs. It spends all day carrying food to its awaiting chicks.

Fraxure 5 Points

Since a broken tusk will not grow back, they diligently sharpen their tusks on river rocks after they've been fighting.

Gardevoir 5 Points

Gardevoir has the ability to read the future. If it senses impending danger to its Trainer, this Pokémon is said to unleash its psychokinetic energy at full power.

Gengar 5 Points

Under a full moon, this Pokémon likes to mimic the shadows of people and laugh at their fright.

Giratina 5 Points

A Pokémon that is said to live in a world on the reverse side of ours. It appears in an ancient cemetery.

Haxorus 5 Points

They are kind but can be relentless when defending territory. They challenge foes with tusks that can cut steel.

Lopunny 5 Points

An extremely cautious Pokémon. It cloaks its body with its fluffy ear fur when it senses danger.

Lucario 5 Points

It's said that no foe can remain invisible to Lucario, since it can detect Auras. Even foes it could not otherwise see.

Octillery 5 Points

It traps enemies with its suction-cupped tentacles, then smashes them with its rock-hard head.

Salamence 5 Points

Salamence came about as a result of a strong, long-held dream of growing wings. It is said that this powerful desire triggered a sudden mutation in this Pokémon's cells, causing it to sprout its magnificent wings.

Sandile 5 Points

They live buried in the sands of the desert. There is no Pokemon superior to Sandile himself.

Scyther 5 Points

Moves incredibly quickly and shreds its enemy with its razor-sharp scythes. On rare occasions, it flies with its delicate wings.

Slowbro 5 Points

Lives lazily by the sea. If the Shellder on its tail comes off, it becomes a Slowpoke again.

Zweilous 5 Points

Since their two heads do not get along and compete with each other for food, they always eat too much.

Gallade 10 Points

A master of courtesy and swordsmanship, it fights using extending swords on its elbows.

Obamasnow 10 Points

It lives a quiet life on mountains that are perpetually covered in snow. It hides itself by whipping up blizzards.

Author Comments

Who's that Pokemon?! Sandile knows.

The exciting never-before-seen sequel to Sandile's Challenge. With more Pokemon than before, it's quite the challenging fun for all kinds of gamers.

EDIT (11/09/2012 @ 23:04:52):
Thanks for daily 6th. Oh so close. :) White-senpai (my sponsor/commissioner/part ner) wants more games so I'll be making more in the future!

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Simple, but very exploitable.

I enjoyed this game! Thanks for the hints. (I used one hint.) Lol.

Simple but fun :)
obamasnow XD

Pretty simple game, but it was a bit of fun. You should've shown a full picture of each Pokemon though.


you can cheat for the answers XD look at the medals and spell it creator you might want to fix this XD