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Create a strong army of mutant plants to destroy humankind. Strategy.


The art is simple and nice but the background is way too repetitive, even though the first 5 minutes of it was enjoyable for my ears.

It's a mouse-controlled game; whether this is a good or bad thing, the issue remains a debate inside my head as I type. To point out the obvious, it is quick to understand the controls - you just click, duh huh - but one mistake in your dragging/clicking and it could be a lethal/big mistake to your Mother Tree. It annoyed me a great deal whenever I needed to move one plant away when the Health is low, while the plant is being attacked in the mean time, and I end up dragging away another plant also in combat when a group of my army plants are standing together. So my dying plant ends up dead (and I fail the "Don't Lose Units" Extra Mission.)

Every level seems to drag on forever for me, similar to what stixs4321 had mentioned (and I agree with him/her that the side-scrolling was just crap - using a wider screen would be better in my opinion), but I wish to justify the game regarding one of his/her complaints.

[QUOTE] You never quite explained how to evolve mother plant other than stating eating will make it grow. Once completing the first level I received 3 skill points to upgrade my units but everything costs 4 to 5. [END OF QUOTE] I believe it's just that simple. Make sure you eat enough people to get meat for growth (both Mother Tree, which takes a long ass time, and for your army of combatant plants), and upgrades before the evolution of your combatant plants. Regarding the skill points, you just haven't finished beating Level 2 - I received about 18 SP after that level, with a few achievements unlocked, of course.

Depending whether to Upgrade or Evolve your plants is vital as evolving it changes the plant's attributes, (non-range attack to range attack), whilst upgrading it simply makes it stronger by health/defense/attack. Dipped with a bit of challenge, the game is alright. Just 'alright' because the duration of each level really wore me out, and the charging of the Mother Tree's stamina/consume bar was frustratingly slow. An optional tutorial on how-to-play would be sweet for the first timers, since I had a tiny bit of trouble figuring out how to tackle shield-holding policemen (or are they some kind of SWAT or Black OPS members here to clean up the carnivorous plants?).

Art: 3.5 stars
Sound: 3 stars (repetitive, but does have sound effects)
Controls: 3.5 stars
Gameplay: 4 stars
Overall: 3.5 stars

For players experiencing the infamous case of lagging, try closing the other tabs that are running aside from this one to enjoy the best speed your system can provide, or any other heavy-running programs. I was loading a huge wallpaper behind while I played through the first level, and found it laggy as heck, until I rage quitted on my wallpaper and closed the window. The game ran much more smoothly since.

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Wish the screen was larger, and for a mass selection of units. Pretty fun though.

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Screen is too small.

Stuck on stage 4, no more police appear and the game doesn't continue from wave 3 or 4. Glitch?

this game gets bore real quick and i agree with hotjesselyntea

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3.78 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2012
4:15 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)