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Create a strong army of mutant plants to destroy humankind. Strategy.


not horrible but like others have said just really slow pace
I can usually play games with a long cycle but this one just has nothing happening for such long stretches of time

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It was a good idea, but the pace is really slow.

you should consider adding a speed X2-3 option

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my mother tree somehow turned into a cactoss with 125 hp and 0 power and 2 defense

Well, concept is great, destroying cities with mutated plants is quite entertaining. Grafics are nice too, music bit repetitive but not too annoying. What needs improvement is gameplay.

Screen is really too small. In combination with fact that you need to move every unit separately becouse there is no way how to select more mutants or create groups on hotkeys it makes moving to greater distances from Mothertree annoying. Hotkeys on special abilities would be nice too. Also I don't get why is hp shown as max HP / current HP, in fact it doesn't matter but it confused me a bit.

Mothertree's attack is great, I'm just not sure if it damages police cars. And maybe there should be visible how much meat or people you have to consume to evolve it on next level and when it evolves it would be nice to add ro heal some hp and maybe faster recharge rate for it's attack. Hotkey for Mothertree's attack could prevent wasting it's energy.

Evolving and upgrading of units it's not much explained. I noticed that when you upgrade a mutant and then evolve him, he's stronger then when you evolve him without upgrading. That's ok but I don't get why I can't upgrade evolved mutant, especially when I can unlock option to directly grow evolved mutant. For example when I grow Cacthrow he has 20hp 3A 2D, when I evolve him he has 37hp 2A 1D, I know the second one cost me more meat and time but the first one have no way how to increase his stats. Also I didn't notice if there is any cap for upgrading.
Some mutants like Ironbite or Venusbite are hard to control becouse they are constantly trying to eat something and when they are eating you can't control them, they canť use abilities and sometimes dies.
Speaking of abilities, it's possible to make mutants more inteligent so they could turn around, shoot on something in their range and then continue in their original path? Becouse it's great that Ironbite can spawn 2 mutants at once but often half of them just walks away to other side of map where are no enemies. Possibility to autocast ability would be great for these mutants too.

Overall it's not bad but needs some polishing.

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This game could use some fine tuning, but so far I really like it!

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3.78 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2012
4:15 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)