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The Torus is a fundamental geometry in the universe, and intimately connected to the essence of our existence. It demonstrates that Spirit and Science are One.
Living in the Heart: http://thespiritscience.n et/spirit/livinginthehear t

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Understanding Unity is understanding Infinity, Love, and All ~ Of which you are a part of. To truly get into your heart is to get into the source of your essence, and the source field of the universe itself. The evidence is in the experience, and those walking the path of self discovery and becoming a being of Love truly are beginning to realize exactly what this means.

The One is All, and the All is One.


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You really allowed to call this science, since science has to be falsifiable, according to Poppers criteria. That means you have to be able to disprove the theories that you make. You really prove or disprove a metaphysical torus, or the other things you talk about. You also choose to handpick, the and random facts, that fit into world view, which causes a scientific bias.

Is it just me, or are these videos getting more preachy and overtly religious?

bubbles explain spirit

earth is hollow but has lava core

no proof

no sense


nice aesthetics tho


I Love the Physics, Hate the ... Love... More Hppyish Jazz.

ALSO! Loved the use of the Civilization song, Baba Yetu.