DMT - The Last Seconds

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Hello there, this is my fourth release to NG now, with many more to come. I wasn't really planning on uploading this, It's really rushed in places and it's rather sad and sappy, but what the hey, here it is on NG, in mp4 format (because I managed to break the original flash file)

A man awakens in a vast desert and has a conversation about the joys and troubles of his own life, with a man who is none other than himself.

The title refers to the notion of DMT flooding your brain to give you one last dream before you die.

Voiced by Seymour
Music by BombFiglio
And a big thanks to TomFulp for helping me get this on NG

*EDIT* - Thanks for the front page and the daily 3rd place! :D


This is probably one of the most intense flashes I've seen and felt on Newgrounds.

Good show sir.

Excellent animation. Please continue making more!

amazing and with luck maybe he will get to have her in the after life right that would explain why she showed up so she can be with him in the afterlife amzing story tugs at your heart strings please add a sequal and a prequal please so we can find out how his girl died and the events leading up to suicide and then a sequal to tell if he makes it to his girl in the afterlife please this story tugs at the heart and id love to see it come full circle best story ever id give it a million stars if i could

if i get one last dream the moment before i die then i want to have a neverending dream. the best part would be that i know that i am dreaming.

"Well, considering what people have said in other Reviews I can tell this is linked to a drug. But other than that, it's pretty full of emotion that can't exactly be pin-pointed or described perfectly. I was wonderful, and the music really set the mood. Along with their conversation."--NodTrooper

Just so you are aware, Nod, while DMT is a chemical that can be created and used as a recreational drug, the natural way your body experiences this, is when you are approaching death. DMT is a NATURALLY-occurring chemical that releases itself into the brain when our end draws nigh. This is an example (according to those who have either smoked the chemical or have escaped death at the last moment) of what one may see during such an occurrence.

Concerning an actual review, this short film was very well done, concerning the subject. It portrayed a good balance of backstory and mystery to provide a relatable character that begins and ends on a warming note. Not a lot of writers can portray a story in a 2-minute time slot. Good on ya

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Nov 6, 2012
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