DMT - The Last Seconds

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Hello there, this is my fourth release to NG now, with many more to come. I wasn't really planning on uploading this, It's really rushed in places and it's rather sad and sappy, but what the hey, here it is on NG, in mp4 format (because I managed to break the original flash file)

A man awakens in a vast desert and has a conversation about the joys and troubles of his own life, with a man who is none other than himself.

The title refers to the notion of DMT flooding your brain to give you one last dream before you die.

Voiced by Seymour
Music by BombFiglio
And a big thanks to TomFulp for helping me get this on NG

*EDIT* - Thanks for the front page and the daily 3rd place! :D


I first watched this film and I really didn't understand what was going on. I thought that this was in the middle of a series or something. So I read the description below and got curious about what DMT was. So I did a little research and then I watched the film again. I must say the second time around it really hit me. I imagine what it would be like knowing that you are moments away from death. Well done!

This was just amazing!!!!!!!

Im a pretty fanatic Meditator i've only done DMT about 4 times, but I drink Ayahuasca tea on a weekly basis. A trip is much more wild and vivid than anything you can imagine. The problems with experiencing a DMT trip is that it only lasts about 5-10 minutes, and remembering what you saw is like watching something disappear into the distance.
And a gunshot wound to the brain wouldn't let you experience that last DMT trip sadly.
If your interested in one of these trips without trying to find DMT which is incredibly hard to find or drinking Ayahuasca tea which is even harder to find, then meditate. It's not as instant or as powerful but it will give you an idea.

The last 2 min :D

I liked it. I'm a psychpharm major, so I *gotta* nitpick: if our boy there had a gunshot wound to his head, there wouldn't be any brain for that last DMT trip to go through. From an artistic standpoint, though, it makes a lot of sense. Nothing says dead like a gunshot wound to the head.

The animation was simple but effective, and by no means ugly. The voice was soft and appropriate (sounded a little forced in a few spots, but overall really good work), and the content, besides my neurochemical nitpicking, was moving and excellent. Also didn't overstay its welcome. You put on a good show here, my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing more stuff from you.

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Nov 6, 2012
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