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Hey Pikachu!

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Made in paint took 1000 weeks xD JK!

Took me two weeks in flash 8 :P


can u plz tell me WTF DID I JUST SEE.relly way would u even make this plz explane(not saying its not good but wtf)and just dont do this i mean ther are kids on this web site too(wounder way nothang but perverted things and fucked up videos)btw not wanting to be mean and its my opean

Nice hoe it said fun for the entire family i had my 4 year old watching this and your stupid ass video made him cry ill be suprised if he sleeps tonight

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Atomlad responds:

I'm actually sorry if that happened to you and your nephew. At least the blood flashed white oonce... right?

Not bad, but not that great either.

It was mostly just a random 5 second flash which lacked substance, not to mention a real punchline.

Atomlad responds:

Its tight. I opened up a sound recorder and just started shouting. this is what happened. if i make a 2nd one i might give it some depth. I have 1 about dbz and anal beads(c) already working in my head

I was disturbed by the grotesque and human-female-like traits of pikachu and further disturbed by the violent killing and sexing of poor lady parts pikachu, but if this was a statement about people who enjoy anthropomorphic porn then kudos.

If this isn't, you are sick bastard.

Atomlad responds:

if im feelin nutty i'll make 1 where ash chops up (HER) body parts and grills em. i am not golfinho - so i wont make him eat - then shit em out- then have sex with him. maybe i will actually. Moe like CONFUSINGTyler

The animation and premise were good, but the loud obnoxious ending credits...why?


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Atomlad responds:

I'll be sure to use your music next time round

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4.03 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2012
3:46 PM EST
Comedy - Original