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I tried to get this out before Halloween, but the Hurricane knocked the power out for a few days, so pretend it's a few days ago and go to digital hell!


By reading a lot of comments a lot of you seem to bring up the same few points, so rather then respond one by one I'm just going to put this up.

"There's no story and/or it's confusing" - There's a story, though it's technically a "back story". I wrote how the characters ended up in the place they are but didn't put it any where in the short. The purpose of the film was to simulate a hellish dimension or a really intense panic attack. The main character enters this place not knowing who he is or how he got there and is acting on feelings/instincts alone.He wanders from scenario to scenario clueless and terrified which, hopefully, makes the viewer confused and scared as well. Like if I'm trying to get you to see through the eyes of the character instead just follow his story. To do that I wanted the viewer to only have as much information as the man with no memory. My point being that I wasn't telling to tell a detailed narrative story, I wanted to take the viewer on a roller coaster ride of panic and terror!

"The animation is bad and/or the hair physics suck" I know, but I animated the entire short by myself using home computers and a hacked xbox 360 kinect. I never went to animation school and I don't have a team of animators. I am in the middle of making a feature film and took a break for a month to try and make a halloween special for the internet. This short is what I can accomplish on my own without any help or money in 30-40 days time.

"the sound is really noisey and/or loud" - I wanted to use a soundtrack of only noise to heighten that sense of dread and terror. I admittedly only listened to it on my home speakers, which include a subwoofer, etc. I never tested it in headphones or regular computer speakers, so my mistake if it sounds way out of sorts on some home speakers. If i ever decide to release it on DVD I might pay to get it remastered first.

Voices By:

Emily Youcis
MC Cumblood
Jams Kremner

Music By:

Doodle In a Cocoon
Larry Nevermind
DJ Tron (RIP)
Emily Youcis

The entire short was made by me (ScreamerClauz) using Cinema 4d R13, Adobe suite CS6, Interposer, Daz Studio, IPI Studio and a bunch of plugins.

Check out my shit at http://www.screamerclauz.

Check out the trailer for my feature film "Where The Dead Go To Die" out now on DVD/Blu-ray & even VHS! http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=f6-aCCqCc_0


it was glitchy, the voice track was off, it wasn't scary at all because the main character seemed like he was on a bad acid and LSD trip... mixed with shrooms. I will say this it is pretty good for what you had to work with. sd animation isnt easy so congrats to you for that.

cartoons like this belong in silent hill. anyone who fapped to this needs a doctor

I just don't get this....I honestly don't.

So he is in the middle of the road, then finds a girl to jerk off to and then ends up in hell where he fucks dead checks and uses his brain as a penis? lol I found myself laughing to this more than I did getting scared. I guess the singing was pretty good and so was the music as it did fit the atmosphere but if only there was a plot to it.

For someone who never attended any animation class, you did a splendid job. The graphics are somehow glitchy and messy, even for a mind-fuckery bizarre film, but not if one consider this is a solo project. The audio is awesome, and the idea of blending sex and supernatural horror theme is great, too. I even found this video easy to fap to (oops). It would be better if there is a plot or setting which the audience can really understand. Maybe i'm dumb, what the hell. But still, I see you have much talent there. Stay twisted, man.

I found this a very interesting video. you know considering you dont have any professional background in programming or animation i found i salute you because its better then what most people can pull off even if they have the background or the right tools to do so. furthermore the story is very strange but it also pulls you in. although it looks like im tripping balls on acid the whole time watching it. it was amusing to see how the character develops in the story and tries to pull his shit back together to get out of this weird dimension. Furthermore things always could be perfected. A 3D animation will always get criticism from other people because they mostly expect HD quality stuff ofcourse they dont know its almost not very easy to make that with some home computers. What you could use in your next flashes or so is the edging of your animation the characters have rough edges and like in the sex scenes and so everything just looks messy.

Story: 8/10
Animation: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Plot: ?/10
Sound: 6/10

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3.41 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2012
1:14 AM EST