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Sex Kitten: Mexico

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...the sequel to Sex Kitten: Prison Break.



In the last episode, our idiot hero (YOU!) somehow broke out of a maximum security prison where you were imprisoned for your insane shenanigans.

However, your girlfriend, Slutty McSlut carried out a PMS-fueled rampage while you were zonked out on DMT (and probably JD), and the end result was that YOU became the target of a nationwide manhunt.

Thus, you two make your way to Mexico, in an effort to get away from the ever-tightening noose of the Federal Rape-Me-in-the-Ass Bureau of Investigation. However, much to your chagrin, you find that McSlut has used your meager savings to buy a fuckton of coke, and is currently quite high and prone to raping everything she sees (yes).

So, once again, you must set out to earn enough money, stuff and magic good to cross the border and escape to Mexico in another stupid and nonsensical Sex Kitten adventure!.

Good luck!


I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who's made this project leap alive from the development room, to your hands today.

Programming: Yom

Programming (much needed) assistance: Loliparpol.

Art: Google search, Gelbooru and Yom.

Extra art: Yom, Parpol, Dietcoke.

Voice talent: Hanzo, Seika and Kurosaki

Cameo assistance and advice: Fucklard, Rai-chan, Alice, OJJ and Loliparpol.

Advice: Seika, Parpol, AFH and Hanzo.

Foods: Shiya and Chaos

That one guy who ate all our pringles: AFH.

Last but not least, thanks to Klacid and TENT for letting me continue their work!.


What, you're still here? Ah, go on and play this already!

EDIT: Daily 4th place!. Thanks, everyone!

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happy cirno day!

I honestly looked for this too long. I played this when I was younger, and I guess it's still good.

.................i cant find the ruler,where is it?O.o (possible to say where in another review.)

Not sure if anyone knows this or not, but if you're having trouble passing the tit-clicking part, right click the screen and click 'Forward'. The time will stop, allowing you to bypass '150'. When you want the time to start again, just right-click and click 'Play'.

Yomuchan responds:

You're a sneaky one, you are. Heh heh...

I love Hanzo narration x"D so funny
But Kuro is my favorite

Also I learned something from this, "Is dangerous to fap alone"