Ten Seconds

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Race against time swapping tiles, creating matches and collecting points before your time runs out.

You will have ten seconds to make each move. No more, no less.

When the clock reaches zero, you will die.

When there are no more possible matches, you will die.

Do not die.

I've had a couple reports of bugs. If you have trouble playing this, please send me a private message and let me know which device you're using and which types of errors appear. This would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

For the majority of you who are able to play it, thanks for your great votes/comments so far!



The game is impossible to play most likely due to unfixed bugs which should've been made away with from the start. idk if this worked on your computer, but on here it's pile of rubbish. 0/10

Finnegan2100 responds:

Really?? It works fine on a Windows laptop as well as an android. What system are you using?

Insufficient instructions, choppy FPS, and the lack of an ability to "replay" or even something to let me know I lost, makes for a very dull game. I really couldn't figure out which tiles I was able to swap and which ones I wasn't. The timer runs down and then what? Nothing, so to replay I have to refresh my page? Very lazy of me, I know, but also lazy of you to not even type "gotoAndStop(1)" or create another keyframe with an ending screen...and there also aren't highscore tables.

out of 10...
gfx - 5 (very plain colors, disinteresting theme)
sfx - N/A (I have no soundcard)
design - 3 (laggy, poor instructions)
gameplay - 5 (very bland, no reward)

overall, this is an unsatisfying game to me both as a player and a developer. I think there could have been more time spent on this, because as it is I am met with an unrewarding and somewhat confusing game that doesn't even care if I win or lose.

Finnegan2100 responds:

Fair enough on some points, but how did you not see the ending screen?? When the timer runs out it says, "GAME OVER" and there's a replay button. Also, please try the game out with sound when you get a chance. The sound is very important! Very true that I could've spent more time on this -- and I'll definitely be working on a version 2.0 sometime soon -- but it's a complete, albeit short game as is!

You're right about the laggy parts, though. I got a little carried away with drop shadows, bevels and blurs. These have definitely made it perform at a subpar level.

But I appreciate the fact that you took the time to write a thorough review. Please play it again when you have sound!

Fairly good idea for a game. This might be Bejewelled for advanced players.

Damn. Great Game..i Had Fun. Good Job.

this is great. Art and thinking fast man i was looking so hard but the art was really hard cause it likes messes up your mind sometimes and then later you die lol
keep it up

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2.68 / 5.00

Nov 4, 2012
1:10 AM EST
Puzzles - Sliding