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BonBombs is an addictive leaderboard game in which you have to prove your skills in precision, patience and thinking ahead. Place an explosion in the right spot, at the right time to create a chain reaction to make as many bombs explode as possible. Complete as many levels as you can to get the topscore.

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I'd mostly agree with Jolly's review but add something else: you've seriously hobbled my interest in sticking with this game by making it so that a single fail puts you back at level 1. The best games in this playstyle usually give the player infinite tries at a level, which is wise when the position and direction of bombs - and thus how easy the level is - is chosen randomly.

Aha! Finally, we have a game that is true to it's description. Indeed it is about timing, patience, and planning. I like the simple design, and the addictive gameplay. I think that honestly the game speed could have been higher, but that's alright. I suppose this way it gives you some time to think and react without worrying about missing the "golden spot".

out of 10...
gfx - 8 (solid, but not flashy)
sfx - N/A (I have no soundcard)
design - 9 (simple and addicting)
gameplay - 8 (somewhat slow pace)

overall, this is a great game that could provide maybe around an hour of entertainment. I think it appeals to casual gamers and the more hardcore, due to it's simple premise and approachable pacing.

The same concept has been done loads and this didn't really add much to it. Other games in this genre are usually colorful and have multiple types of bombs. This is dull, dark, and only has one type of bomb. Adding colors would definitely improve it.

I don't like the choice of in-game music. It feels really unsuitable for this type of game. It's just a few drum loops thrown together. It's boring. I think trance music, or something similar, would be a lot more suitable for this type of game.

One thing I liked about this that I haven't seen in other game like this is the fast forward button. Nobody wants to wait to watch the bombs slowly drift towards the explosion region. It definitely helps make the game feel less repetitive.

I found one glitch. If you go into the high score menu once you leave the menu it will unmute the in-game music.

Seismoz responds:

Thanks for the Feedback.
(P.S.: no loops. i made the music myself ;_; )

Heyaz seismo! Great game actually, no clue HOW to play it starting out and picked it up RIGHT AWAY which is an EXCELLENT aim to go for in any game really but more so these.. I'm actully gunna play it more laterz ;) Cheers! You would have gotten the other half star had it had a little more variation even added in to stimulate more. but over all wikked!