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The rise of chaos ep2

rated 1.99 / 5 stars
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Nov 2, 2012 | 8:55 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Our story continues with maverick trying to find him self. he will make new friends and run into some old ones too.but our story continues as if it were an ordinary day. and will we find out more on mavericks past? will we finally find out who jeremy is? all of these questions will be answred today on rise of chaos episode 2.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

I can't figure out what the hell is going on in the story. Much of the dialogue has been crunched together and it's going by too fast for me to even read. (Except the short sentences.)

The music choices don't match nor are they synced with any scenes. The only thing that semi-seems to play properly is the wind - but it is not necessary to have wind and music mixed together. Makes the entire thing sound like crap.

The dialogue itself looks horrible, I have only seen.. 3 lines that did not look like an eight year old wrote them.

Also your flash is constantly freezing up. The very beginning I had to refresh just to make the damn thing start (and repeat a f2 more times before I even reached Jupiter's scene.) - Oh and the flash is frozen with a female (I assume Street Fighter) character saying "You mean. Tell Serena and Darien of her impending doom?"

I have absolutely no idea what the point was of this flash, but the writing is horrible. You need to time your dialogue better. Sound quality needs tremendous improvement. And you need to make it so people can actually watch the entire flash without it freezing.

0 stars.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

I have to say I'm not disappointed, in that I was hoping this would suck and it does. There is SO much wrong with this. You title screen takes a minute to get going even after you click play. There's no scene select. Your 3d backgrounds are neat, but your 2d animations do not sync up with it. Your music runs together at several points. Some of your sprites or poorly recolored. You'd think with the fill tool, that would be easy. But it looks like you just drew over them with the paintbrush tool using a single color, borders and everything. I'd complain about your story, but I couldn't tell what was happening, because you don't have manual controls and the text boxes move to fast to read. Especially since you kept changing the font size and spacing to try and fit what they were saying into one text box instead of making several. So the text boxes range form a few words to whole paragraphs. And worst of all, it paused and wouldn't continue when Chun-Li mentioned Darien and Serena's impending doom.

So in short I'd say this is your worst episode is a while. Probably because you couldn't find anyone to help you make it since you have a habit of turning on your collaborators the first time they criticize you.

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Punisher33 responds:

firstly. there should be no reason for the pause there. firstly stop being spiteful. firstly you turned on me. when you thought i was not lestining to you. you turned on me. second i busted my ass for months making sure everything was perfect. the tweening is perfect the animation in my opinion is flauless. i can't impress the pathetic mario and pokemon sonic same bull shit fanboys because that's all ya get horny off of. i did things the right way. i fallow all tutorials. people like you who turn on me. you turned on me dude. not the other way around. simple as that. i have dislexia. you proud of your self now you prick? honestly. i told you over and over again,. not to give my name due to privacy reasons and you gave it even though i told you not too. you turned on me. so go screw off dude. seriously. i did everything possible to make this the best thing i could and because it's not up too your stuff shows you how pathetic you really are. did you maybe think the only reason why you got the fans that you got is because your fallowing mainstream shit? i did every god damn thing and nothing makes you people happy. your spiteful. all of you. none of you get that wet dream from the status quo on this site which is an issue i constantly attack over and over again. and i won't go main stream i refuse too. your a douch bag. nothing i put together made you happy as a collaberator than you broke my number one rule after i told you. i told you not to use my name because of my privacy situation and you broke it. you turned on me. simple as that. i snapped at you because you had no common sense. i did everything possible here and the same attackers attack. go shoot down some crappy animator not me dude. i did everything possible. you don't like my stuff because of what ever reason it was. but when we was first collaberating all you kept telling me was improvements improvements improvements. and it was not a confidence booster either. you went from that. to being a spiteful douch can't be trusted. how you brake a rule that some one gave you. not to use that person's name. and you turn on them. you need to think about your shit dude stop with the spite. simple as that.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Do you have any concept of... anything? That question being rhetorical obviously, of course you don't.

My God sir, I couldn't even get half way through that. Not only is it borning as bat shit and the repeating music track extremely uninspired, but the font you chose is hideous and the colours clash with the background and... well, fucking everything! Normally I'm not so harsh, but you keep getting feedback from users like teejay_number13 on how to improve and you call them out for attacking you. So let me lay it all out for you, and any other user reading this feel free to mark this as abusive if these comments seem out of place.

Your storyline SUCKS! No, don't tell me I don't get it. Don't tell me it's your vision. IT. FUCKING. SUCKS! It is boring, the dialogue is poor and after all this time I couldn't give a molicule of shit about any of the characters. The main guy is a bad Goku recolour I assume, and it looks awful. Also in this day and age, voice acting is pretty much a necessity. Apart from the ugly font that you clearly poorly shrunk to fit the text boxes, 90% of the time the text flew by way too fast for me to even read what the hell they were saying. Which again, led me to closing this prematurely because I didn't understand the God damn plot.

There was no animation in this, nothing in this that will even help me remember it as anything other than shit. Stop attacking users that give you negative reviews and fucking listen to them. If you can't take it, then get the fuck off the internet!

Punisher33 responds:

Than don't watch. if you don't like my animation my stories. don't watch. simple as that. go fuck your self. seriously.