A Tale Of Woe

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Listen to her story

UPDATE: Thank you for 4th Place and Frontpage Newgrounders~~:D

Music: A Tale Of Woe by Terry Hall and Mushtaq ,The Hour of Two Lights


wow, so sad man.

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TaraGraphika responds:

Well, unfortunately sadness is apart of life. Thank You:)

I love your style of storytelling.
The animation was really quite good, although the pixellation of the images was slightly distracting. There are some good ways you can fix that sort of stuff for your future animations if you're interested though.
Overall, really nice show and I'm looking forward to more of your work. :)

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TaraGraphika responds:

I love when people are looking forward to my work:D

I'll be sure to develop a more better resolution in all aspects. Thank you very much for compliments in my style of storytelling:)

Definitely one of the better animations on this site that tells a story. If at the very least, one of the few in my opinion who can successfully delve into the viewer and get an emotional response. I very much enjoyed this, and it has a very stylized feel, one that some might look away from with distaste to which I say either get used to the taste, and to each his own.

I now want to get started on my own animation I'm working on, this piece has definitely inspired me to continue working on it :D

Great work! You deserve all the 5's :D

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TaraGraphika responds:

Thank you for getting inspired by my work. Please inform me if you've finished your animation. I can't wait to see yours. I like when you used the word emotional and taste. It covers all of what the animation needs to say:D

Beautiful movie,just didn't understand the ending. Would you be as kind as to explain,please?
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TaraGraphics responds:

Sure, if you would tell me your theories first of how the animation lead to the ending. Then I would tell you.

well my theory as to the ending is she has either a very sick form of PTSD or was dreaming while in the hospital for burn injuries?
will you tell me what/which it was?

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TaraGraphika responds:


I'm happy that you really want to know about the ending. But I'm not gonna spoil the animation to those who haven't watch it, yet. But I like how you tried to deduced on what's happening.

The PTSD is a very good thought:)

That was quite the interesting music video.
Unique animation, true aspect of the world.
I'm assuming that's why it became so popular?

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TaraGraphika responds:

I don't know. It's based on the viewers perception and perspective towards anyone's work. If they like the video cause of the animation, then i thank them. If they like the video because of the music, then i thank them. If they don't like it, I still thank them for viewing. So, either way, I thank them:D

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Nov 1, 2012
3:17 PM EDT
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