News for Ghosts Oct 2012

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Vinny and the Clique talk about how they can improve the show for the viewers in a very special 10:00 News for Ghosts.


I just wanted to let you know I am your number one super fan. The progression of this show is truly a wonderful sight to behold. I would love to help out in any possible in making this show a further success than it already is!

Did you make that piano riff? I like the music, but maybe not during the news. Sep for the intro tune. Are you planning on starting any news shows? Maybe bring back the undead cliche. Seeing them in their daily lives interacting with other characters and situations makes it unpredictable and interesting. Sonic the hasbeen is definitely a must. The show that got me into your channel. Once a month is kinda sparse though. Anticipating new uploads. Keep em coming!

I love it! But I have a question. Why does Vinny the Vampire look more bucktoothed than fangish?

What a strange combination of crappy graphics and excellent jokes and conversation. Would work as a radio show, not a cartoon. Hah hah. Or just look for some great animators here on the website, and you can take care of the voice acting and writing. Cool stuff anyway.

@ Credits: did you do all those voices yourself ? Neat !

Seems legit, I think I'm going to watch this show...later. So here's my feedback after just discovering this show: The music is fine but should be used sparingly, not as a constant background noise, or if you do use it as a background noise make it a little bit softer so it doesn't distract from the content. Since this is my first time watching this I'll have to watch your previous episodes to give you further opinion. Funny show though, very entertaining.

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Oct 31, 2012
8:19 PM EDT
Comedy - Original