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A Word On Halloween

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How come Halloween isn't considered a holiday?

Just some quick filler thing I made to celebrate the occasion of the holiday. I think Halloween's cool.

Edit: Front-page? Huh... I really wasn't expecting that. o_O Thank you Tommmyyyy

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I like the topic your raised, it's something that's been on my mind for many years. Not bad, althought there wasn't really that much "animation." In terms of animation it would've probably looked nicer to have the snow falling a little more randomly, as in not in all the same direction. Also the house in the last scene looked like it was leaning a bit. Liked it mostly overall though.

why is santa telling the story.well that gives me a reason to still hate santa.

You seem to like Spazkid's methodof shading.
The flash is okay, but it doesn't have a lot of actual animation. It's mostly just slide show.
That's why I'm giving it 3 stars out of 5.

Twisted4000 responds:

You mean like, creamy coloring? Yeah I like to play around with the color wheel, make it look interesting. And though I can't say it's "Spazkid's method", he's certainly one of the people who inspired me to shade this way. And yeah, you're right, it's pretty much a sliedeshow. lol but thank you for the fair review.

Good one, good one.

Very funny but it looked like u were trying to put in tons of boobies.