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Madness: Will It Slice?

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Sample Slice 5 Points

Eliminate 5 infected

Small Slice 10 Points

Eliminate 10 infected

Halfway There 25 Points

Complete 5 levels

Medium Slice 25 Points

Eliminate 25 infected

Food is Served 50 Points

Complete all levels

Large Slice 50 Points

Eliminate 50 infected

Super Slice 100 Points

Eliminate 80 infected

Author Comments

May 8, 2014: A sort of sequel is here: "Pico: Will It Slice?" http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/638955
Oct 31: Thank you for the front page! :)
Nov 1: fixed bug where you could "slice yourself"

Will the new experimental weapon slice through the zombie outbreak?

Stop the zombie outbreak! Madness Style!

FAQ Answers:
Yes, the game is short due to not having enough time + too many issues popping up. However, now that the engine is done, there WILL BE an expanded version for Madness Day 2013! :)

Since this is a scaled back "demo", having headshots would make the game way too easy. The full version will have headshots and MOAR weapons, MOAR upgrades, MOAR enemy types, MOAR action, MOAR MADNESS!!!

For now enjoy it as a Halloween game!
Happy Halloween!
Thank you!


awsome game

As i've enjoyed most Madness games, this one by far has to be one i've least enjoyed. Not to say it is bad, as the game caught my interest the first five seconds having you to cut a wall with the laser. But that's all that caught my interest. The game itself is quite bland, as it is way to easy. At first I questioned why the zombies were still attacking me after taking a full charged shot to the head making them become torsos. But then I found out that you have to shoot them in the feet for an instant kill. You can also make it so you never ever get touched by a single zombie as jumping over them stops them from ever being able to hit you. I understand this is a demo, but demos are meant to entice people to play your finished version of the game. And to me this is not a demo, but a incomplete alpha version.

I am actually expecting a lot more than this.

I do not understand the contrast between the first gun and the second, correct me if I'm wrong but I do not see how the first would be in any way superior to the second? Second is referring to the [Shotgun Laser]. Basically I'm saying the 2nd gun is WAY SUPERIOR to the first.

Why I gave it such a bad rating is because firstly, shooting the head does nothing at all. Now I'd like to point out that I read the author's commentary above in saying that because this is a "Demo", there is no headshot yet.

Pardon me, but I'm having a hard time accepting that. Firstly, not only did it make headshots obsolete, it does no damage or whatsoever to the zombies. Why this is irking me, is because the zombies have a speed advantage over you, and they could come in hordes. And if you happen to shoot them in the head, it's as if you just shot the air, no damage is taken by the zombies.

"Okay, then I'll shoot the zombies' body" Not quite that simple... Zombies are running much faster than you are, and if they caught up to you, you'll be pounded till you charge your laser enough to kill them. The troubling thing is that I realized that even if I shot the zombies' bodies, at times the laser will just shoot the zombies hands ONLY.

Not only my laser cannot pierce the enemy, apparently it's impotent enough to the point it can only cut the hand... And these zombies have two hands. Sometimes I find myself being chased and pounded and when I charge my laser fully and I thought I could say "Asta la Vista" to the zombies chasing me, I shot his hand instead... Then I endured another round of unnecessary beatings, and I blast off the other hand.

I'd give it a star for keeping me entertained enough till I died for the first time in Level 8 (I was using the First gun all the way). But I will not play this again... till this game is given a facelift.

Thank you Author. <--- Not being sarcastic

Craptastic, the opposite of fantastic.

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This is a ok game but it is confusing.
you have a gun that only hits one target. I want to slice the body only and it cuts the hand.
If there is something in the way then it hits that only and you are still getting chased.
There is a zombie in front of you then later you get attack from above or behind.
there is no way i can kill them that fast and the second gun is great but also useless at the same time.
The can kill one if charged but only kill one. then later i ran out and it won't shoot anymore.
i don't get this game really but i guess it is hard making a game. i couldn't even make i game even if i wanted to. I will just say this, keep trying. i know you can make more games like this and make them more epic. never give up until the very end. keep trying and let's see what will be your next game. i hope it is better then this

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Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2012
11:31 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun