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Madness: Will It Slice?

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Sample Slice 5 Points

Eliminate 5 infected

Small Slice 10 Points

Eliminate 10 infected

Halfway There 25 Points

Complete 5 levels

Medium Slice 25 Points

Eliminate 25 infected

Food is Served 50 Points

Complete all levels

Large Slice 50 Points

Eliminate 50 infected

Super Slice 100 Points

Eliminate 80 infected

Author Comments

May 8, 2014: A sort of sequel is here: "Pico: Will It Slice?" http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/638955
Oct 31: Thank you for the front page! :)
Nov 1: fixed bug where you could "slice yourself"

Will the new experimental weapon slice through the zombie outbreak?

Stop the zombie outbreak! Madness Style!

FAQ Answers:
Yes, the game is short due to not having enough time + too many issues popping up. However, now that the engine is done, there WILL BE an expanded version for Madness Day 2013! :)

Since this is a scaled back "demo", having headshots would make the game way too easy. The full version will have headshots and MOAR weapons, MOAR upgrades, MOAR enemy types, MOAR action, MOAR MADNESS!!!

For now enjoy it as a Halloween game!
Happy Halloween!
Thank you!


Awesome !!!

Music: 1,5/5
Graphics: 2/5
Story: 1/5
Gameplay: 2/5
Control: 5/5
TOTAL: 2/5

wheres a useless glitch, charge the gun then switch type zombies will stop just switch back to fire.

Cool game! I'm okay with the green guys attacking headless, but the bodies on the floor blocking the laser is a bit too much. I mean, I was holding them at bey initially with one shot kills, but the ideal line I was holding for that shot got obscured by bodies and it feels a little unfair to be cheated out of the best shot you can take.

io3creations responds:

Thanks, I'm glad you like the game.

I kept the bodies since the current version the game is rather simple/easy - just like as you mentioned, to avoid players killing all enemies by staying in one place.

In "Pico: Will It Slice?" bodies won't pile up as much ;) http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/638955

I took your advice, I'll agree it certainly is harder, those horde room are gonna make my wrist hurt tomorrow.

My only complaint is that decap doesn't kill... and I guess that gibs lying around cockblock my laser... either way! I've enjoyed both of your games, and look forward to your next "will it slice" game.

io3creations responds:

Sorry to hear about your wrist :(

I knew that I didn't have a lot of features added yet, so I wanted to add some challenge to the Madness game. And yes, there'll be an explanation about why headless bodies still continue attacking you. ;)

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Credits & Info

3.36 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2012
11:31 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun