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Zombie Head Moon

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Happy Halloween everyone!

Zombie bored in his grave, he had the idea to go to the moon, can you help him to achieve in the shortest possible time?


Press UP arrow to launch, RIGHT or LEFT arrow to move, SPACE BAR to use booster/proceed, avoid onions and aliens, grab brains for boost and money for upgrades.

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@rock928 i agree but i did not completely hate it.
It had SOME good features like... nevermind

Wow I have played bad games before but this has 2 be 1 of the most unoriginal, idiotic, redundant, lacking, unfun games I have ever had. I have questions with this.
1. Why is this zombie bored? Zombies have no emotions.
2. What does this have t do with Halloween by any chance?
3. How did he make a catapult when he is in a f**king graveyard not 2 mention a helmet?
4. at the beginning you are so slow as molasis and once you upgrade your speed it is impossible 2 dodge anything on the f**king screen.
5. The games8? Why make this?
6. how did this get the daily 3rd place by any chance?
7. Why do onions hurt u when u are a GOD DAMN ZOMBIE? IT MAKES NO SENSE!
Overall, whoever made this barely even tried 2 make this fun or interesting. I can see him trolling us.

Looked for this game because the other one was full of ads, I love these games, This was individual for its own upgrades, Only problem i found was the upgrades had nothing to do with a zombie. And that after upgrading the capapult, It dissapears when you get equiptment to high. Besides that. Amazing

64 nights. Fun little game but it got boring fast. After a while I stopped aviodong the onions as much cause they didn't do enough and I noticed that one the way down if you run out of duriblilty you keep going. If you run out you should blow up and not be able to collect more money on the fall. Also upgrading the equipment didn't change the speed of the Zombie. You moved the same speed with lvl 1 equipment as lvl 9 equipment (as far as I needed to upgrade to finish). Overall it wasn't a BAD vertical launch game. It just got boring fast.

82 nghts, could be even more fun if zombi coulddo things like puke boost or shitboost or could rip off and throw his limbs at enemies or shoot smoe filthy king of weapon and necessary burning fart boost or something, great game though

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2.87 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2012
2:59 AM EDT