Toons These Days: Ep 12

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After four weeks, Doggy's back with a new voice! Also he "brought" a guest!
Only five episodes left this season!


seems like good fit for the voice, and if that wasn't enough you had nerd rage on your side, I know its not cartoon but for one would love to see Doggy's reaction to "The Spirit" movie as opposed to the pulp comic

how did you make the vidio flash or microsoft word

Agreed for the most part I am a old comic fan and this new ultimates line had me baffled when i saw teen powerman / nova. i thought that's the dircection the comics were taking with them. nowi t all makes sense and it makes me sad that they are failing so epicly at a spiderman series when most of them have been a great blend of action comedy story and had peters personality down. this show is just to sell toys.

When I heard Power man and Iron fist were in this i am ashamed to say i got my hopes up not to mention Nova.

anyway my point is yeah i totally agree with everything said. the only funny parts are the parts they arin't trying to make funny.

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yeah i also wondered about those heroes being teens instard of using the young avengers or the runaways specially because of nova, at least power man was actually retaken for a younng character later in the comics so that part about him being young makes sense..

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The only thing I have against this new spiderman, as I haven't seen it yet, is the fact that none of the currently alive actors are dead yet and they haven't run out of supervillans. Where is the respect for the actors?

Anyways regarding your video, I thought it was good, but I feel something was lacking... I think it' in regards to him just sitting on a couch... anyways, that's minor.

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Oct 27, 2012
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