The Duelist

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I submitted this for my midterm project for my color class yesterday. They loved it. I was allowed to use any medium I wanted as long as it depicted the interaction of a predetermined color scheme (in my case a tetrad of red, green, blue-violet and yellow-orange). I wanted to create a simple story that could be told in a short time frame with no dialogue. I suppose it took around 20 hours over the course of one week so I'm a little sleep deprived. Let me know if it was worth it.


Well shucks, guys. After frequenting this site for the past 11 years I've finally made the top 5. I want to thank everyone for the unanimously supportive feedback and for voting. Granted the cartoon I only had a week to work on makes Daily 4th place. Maybe I'm trying too hard. Anyway stay tuned. I have some projects already planned and/or in progress and I plan on getting that elusive Daily 1st. Just you wait.


Now featured on the front page? You guys are spoiling me. I'm stuck indoors because of the hurricane so I'll try to repay the favor by putting a dent in my next project.


That was a good story.
Although, the animation does need work.

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BlackCaliber responds:

Thanks glad you liked it!

Cute, well layed out and overall... FUN! =D
The only .5 star you're missing out on the animation. However that is a shadow in the light of everything else.

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BlackCaliber responds:

Yeah I was going for something simple. I wanted to tell a fun story in just a couple minutes so I wanted to keep it light. Thanks for the input!

i didnt like the animation but the music was epic all in all 4 stars from me

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BlackCaliber responds:

Understandable. If I had more time, I'd make the action more fluid. Great song, right?

Campy while still being funny; reminds me of the nearly-surrealist cartoons of the mid-late 60s.

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BlackCaliber responds:

Oh? You mean like the old Hanna-Barbara cartoons? Thanks for watching and favoriting!

To be honest... kind of lame

There's a lot you could have done to make this more interesting, but I don't know if you were just lazy, or didn't want fighting or story or real characters, but either way, it ended up being pretty boring, pretty lame, and really unoriginal as far as humor or for whatever you were going for with this.

BlackCaliber responds:

That was EXACTLY what I was going for actually! Very few pick up on my avant garde subtleties.

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Oct 25, 2012
6:11 PM EDT