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Sonic is back for another great adventure in riding through the monster land. Get ready for an addictive ride and avoid monsters during the ride and collect as many stars as he can to get more energy and Buy awesome upgrades in the game shop.

There are 8 Levels in the game, Click left mouse to launch and space for turbo.

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This is the worst thing ever

Not Bad
But it's simple and Easy

Sonic should be looking ahead, not at the camera. There should be more upgrades and things to purchase.

amusing game, the one thing i have 2 say is.
wen sonic is riding the flying robot it looks like he's trying 2 hump it...
i haz dirty mind

any way very fun.

as a few have said this game has its flaws. one is sonic looking at the camera all the time with a cheesy grin. instead I suggest having sonic looking in the direction that he is running towards. the shop menu is also lacking In items and fails to appear at the end of each level. do keep in mind if this is a sonic game make the coins into rings and add some loops and legit badniks into each level. also consider a lvl up system with upgrades and extra characters such as silver and shadow. do keep in mind theres the matter of adding the special stages and the 7 chaos emeralds. I do believe it would be even more epic if you added the super emeralds as well as adding super sonic and hyper sonic. same applies for silver and shadow. also there is the matter involving the end of the stage. change the sign into the spinner from the genesis era and pay "homage to the dungeon" and it would really be epic if you divided each level into 3 acts with a boss at the end of the 3rd act using the method sonic advance 2 did. but unlike sonic advance 2 give the player the ability to turn super/hyper when they acquire 50 rings. and lets not forget the final boss. don't make it as hard as sonic 2's last boss, yet on the same note make it fun like sonic 3 and knuckles last boss was. also think of adding a chao garden and using some of the ideas from sonic adventure 2 battle and sonic adventure dx with all rings obtained in the stage going to a bank in the garden having upgrades as well and make it like sonic gems collection and show some of sonics history or you could do it like sonic generations did with the trophys. maybe even both. also do consider touching up the levels graphics a little. the games a work in progress and has potential. I want to see this game truly blossom out. "good luck and may the force be with you"

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3.00 / 5.00

Oct 25, 2012
10:52 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG