Swords and Potions

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Try to become the most successfull merchant by running your own item shop in the world of Tomagar. Trade items with adventurers, craft powerful items and earn a profit from your sales. Challenge and surpass your peers using a variety of covert operations.


I'm pretty sure there was a game that did this already. If anything, I'm going to put my money into that game rather then this. I don't like being limited in how long I can play for any amount of time - it breaks immersion and ruins the whole point of "fun". I'm not going to play this anymore.

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This is the first pay to play game I have ever seen on NG. I really hope this doesn't become the standard and ruin Newgrounds!!!

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great idea for a game lets. sh*t all over it by making it pay to play.

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This is a great game. Very addicting, and keeps me coming back day after day.

People, listen, it's an MMORPG. There are many MMORPG's that require you to wait to play, whether it be "turns" or "energy" or whatever. The point is to come back day after day to get better. You can play for several hours a day. It only takes an hour and 15 minutes to get a full set of days. You can play your days, log off, do something else, and come back later and play your full days again. If you really think the game is that good, the day limit should not inhibit you from coming back day after day and playing.

Besides, trust me, if you come back day after day, you'll be able to play so much you'll get sick of it. So don't give this game a bad review because it's "Pay to play". It's really not. You don't have to pay for more days, you just have to wait for them. Which, like I said, many many other popular MMORPG's do. Have some patience.

Fun game, and I really enjoyed it. I got a little annoyed at the idea of bothering friends just so I could get a wood floor, but I ignored it. I even ignored being asked to spend tokens and actual money at first. But telling people that they have to wait to play, or else pay money, is just ridiculous.
There are better ways of getting money for development for the games you make so long as people want to help. Put a donations link in the description, or on your site. Ask for people's help. Don't try to trick them like Zynga does. No-one with a brain really likes those games. Be smart, sure, but be human about making a profit. People will appreciate it.
If all else fails and you want to make money while making a good game? Open up a Kickstarter. Just stop trying to trick people into paying money. It's soulless - and it doesn't fit on NG.

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3.23 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2012
3:55 PM EDT
Simulation - Other