The Felix Jump

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In the Felix Jump, you can make the amazing jump with Felix Baumgartner from a height of 36 kilometres! Collect points while falling down and try to avoid all objects in space because you can lose every part of your suit. There are also upgrades, such as magnets to score extra points, shields to defend yourself and energy drinks for extra life and speed. Finally you will have to make sure that you land safely by parachute in order to establish a new world record.


Belgium? Baumgartner? He's from Austria, buddy. Anyways: Nice game, but a view from top would have been much better, it think.

Why german while he is from Belgium?

made it on the first try, very nice game ^^

took two tries, fun fun!

Needs atmosphere indicators. Too much potential to be hit by fast-flying debris while the screen whites out between atmospheric zones and you can't see what's happening. Scoring is too simple. Hit box isn't unfair, I took a couple of hits but those were my own fault. Regaining the suit is decent. Had trouble activating the parachute at the bottom of the jump -- the game didn't freeze. Like the game just didn't pick up the clicks. Either that or there's some optimal jump distance during which to activate the parachute, which while it does make sense, there's not a good height indicator for it other than "press left button." Alright game, but nothing to bring me back for subsequent jumps.

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3.09 / 5.00

Oct 24, 2012
7:03 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid