Apartment 51 - Episode 1

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Apartment 51
Episode 1: Rebooted


The roommates begin to notice familiar things happening. Have they been rebooted?! Find out in this premiere episode of the brand-new Apartment 51 series!



A serious blast from Newgrounds past! I remember catching this series in its original run. Great episode though, very funny, and tons of in jokes for old fans. That being said, I really dont see why a reboot is necessary at all. The art style hasnt changed very much (dont take that as an insult) and it's not really a new take on the original. It would make more sense to call it season 2 or something. Meh, small gripes. Welcome back.

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This was funny.
I wonder what's next?

Hey guys, a new cartoon hit front page! Wait, don't I remember that happening before? Nah we never get cartoons on the front page anymore.

awsome, can't wait to see more :)

As this is the first episode I have ever seen, I can say that it was a little dissapointing to have a lot of inside jokes of which I have no emotion attached to, but hey, not a bad thing. The broken fourth wall relating to the whole "reboot" is actually quite genius if I do say so myself. While the episode wasn't actually that funny, it didn't really need to be. The whole art style oozes appeal and I just love the easy, yet fun animation style. As someone said below, this gives you the chance to pump these out on a more regular basis, which is fantastic. Like I said, I wish I was more "in the know" about most of the jokes, which is why I guess I didn't find it too funny, but hey, I think I'll go watch the "old universe" and catch up, and rewatch this fresh reboot and see if I get it more! Haha, great work man, can't wait to see where this series goes. A+

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SmokedBacon responds:

To make things easy, the episodes from the original series referenced here are episodes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8. Moving forward, it's not important to watch the original series, this was just meant as a bridge. I couldn't decided if I wanted to continue the old series or reboot it completely, so an alternate universe seemed like a good idea to accomplish both. :D

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Oct 20, 2012
5:02 PM EDT
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