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Sparky is just another joule of energy in the world, moving around from place to place and helping to power this gizmo or that gyro. All he wants is to do his job, but unfortunately there that are getting in his way. This is where the player comes in, Sparky along numerous pathways, conduits and other structures in order to get Sparky to his goal. Along the way, Sparky will get help in the form of bombs and other devices which will clear blocked pathways, remove otherwise impassable obstacles and open up space for Sparky to progress forward. Will you help Sparky get to his destination, or will you let his spark fizzle out?

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I like this game, especially the sprites.

A simple idea with basic graphics and excellent mechanics. I love the challenge you pose in the description "will you let his spark fizzle out?". That actually made me feel bad and want to help Sparky.
One thing that I think sets this game apart is the menu design. It's very smooth, the presentation is fun, and it seems to encourage a kind of fanaticism. I played until level 8, but wish I had more time to experience this great game.
The controls are great, very simple stuff, no weird rules or mechanics at play. Just click and drag. Reminds me of those old coat-hanger mazes we used to make in school and crap.

out of 10...

gfx - 9 (great electric parts, cool menus)
sfx - N/A (regrettably I have no soundcard)
design - 9.5 (addicting in its simplicity)
gameplay - 8.5 (very challenging, maybe not enough obstacles?)

overall, this is a really good game that makes me jealous. Unsure of how you came to settle on the unique look of the menus; marvelous!
It may be, however, that many players are not seeking such a mighty challenge and therefor will give up before long. However, this game is nothing but positive and it's totally Favorited.

Just fuck you... A lot... your mother... then die... pain... and lots of it.
nice game btw

win win lose. brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dam game and its damnit u game

I love this game! Its like the worlds hardest game only 1000 times better.

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3.36 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2012
5:33 PM EDT
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