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Move man with arrow keys. Collect flags.

Move blocks with WASD. Clear lines for points

By clearing lines and collecting flags, you boost your clear bar.

When the clear bar is full, hit space to clear all blocks.

Wall jump by hitting up while going towards a wall. This makes you jump super high!


Cool game, didn't expect this from the title. I love the music, and I really like the concept. I didn't like that there was a limit to what the player could do, really. No upgrades made this a somewhat frustrating experience, in spite of the fun level (which is very high)

out of 10...
gfx - 8.5 (they might like LOOK great, but they feel great)
sfx - 9.0 (killer tune, fun sfx, could have used more crashing sounds)
design - 9 (awesome action/platformer/puzzle blend)
gameplay - 8 (no upgrades, but solid controls and radical pacing)

overall, this may turn out to be a largely overlooked gem but a gem it certainly is...even if you DON'T make a sequel. Which you really should. The combo of different genres mixed with ease of play and a manic sort of multi-tasking stimulates and engages the player in a way that many games fail to.

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FenrisWulf responds:

So glad you like it! I actually did add a few unlockables under the options section. Perhaps I should've renamed that, as people seem to not notice it.

Thanks so much for the review. It really means a lot to me!


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3.06 / 5.00

Oct 19, 2012
12:30 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle