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This is too easy 5 Points

Completed a wave

We told you not to 5 Points

Caught camping

Deadly 10 Points


Doctor ? 10 Points

Unlocked level 2

Fresh Air 10 Points

Unlocked level 5

lulz 10 Points

Unlocked level 4

Me, myself and I 10 Points

Triple kill

Not too bad 10 Points

Completed a round

Splash down 10 Points

Unlocked level 3

Two sets of twins 10 Points

Quadruple kill

You're on fire 10 Points

Kill Streak

A bit trickier 25 Points

Completed a set

Change the bulb 25 Points

Unlocked level 6

Don't drink the water 25 Points

Unlocked level 8

Friendly Fire 25 Points

Unlocked level 7

Lazy, us ? 50 Points

Unlocked level 9

Perfect for a picnic 50 Points

Unlocked level 10

That's dedication 100 Points

Complete all the challenges

Wow, just wow 100 Points

Reach rank 50

Author Comments

"It is the policy of the Outpost corporation to reward 'Bug Hunts'"

A standalone spin off of the Swarm mode from Outpost:Haven.
This time there's no story or missions to work through, you've simply got to survive.

Battle your way through all 10 levels, and this time you have a wingman to help you.

< Edit Thanks everyone whose taken the time to play, vote and write reviews, your feedback helps us so much >

Some notes about the game:
This ISN'T Outpost 2, we really can't stress that enough. It's a spin-off we did for Miniclip earlier in the year, and this version is exclusive to Newgrounds as we wanted to add medals and give it some extra love to say thank you to everyone here who supported Outpost:Haven so much.
Newgrounds is the natural home of the Outpost games, always will be.

Full-screen mode requires Flash 11.3 or greater.

Minor tweaks and fixes, a huge thank you for everyone who submitted feedback.


Lovely game you have here. Simple decent time-wasting addicting madness. Precisely what a game SHOULD be. Also, remember the 'unlocking the shotgun while using shotgun' glitch? Seems to do that for the flamethrower too. Also, in the next version, I hope you can give us a button to disable the anti-camping mechanism. Why? Because for some reason, whenever I camp and I survive for a long time, the lag gets a lot worse as if there were multiple versions of the same event happening (I Think.)
Otherwise, wonderful game, personally I prefer this version over Haven as it has more action and less thinking. You, along with the other developers for this series, deserve a good vacation.

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Squize responds:

A very belated thanks :)
It's weird, where I'm working on O2 now I find there aren't enough baddies where I'm used to Swarm ( I do still play Swarm now and again as it's so immediate, whereas I can't remember the last time I played Haven ).

I think the anti-camping thing may go in O2, no one really likes it and I messed it up in all honesty.

I'm so good at this game!!!!!!!!!!!! that i almost got all the achievments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Squize responds:

Good work :)

I Got the Medal We told you not to and I'm Surviving it LOL

it has some weird glitches to like getting stuck in a shop. but is still a great game

I have a tip for outpost 2.....How about some blood and gore? That kind of stuff comes to mind when i play this.

Squize responds:

We've tried to be good and only have [ animated ] green blood so we don't upset any portals / parents ( That's why there's no swearing either ).
There is some blood on the floor in Outpost:Haven, and I think in O2 we're going to put in a gory set piece, but we can't go too mental ( Unfortunately ).


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Credits & Info

4.12 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2012
10:03 AM EDT
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