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A Platform/Puzzle game about dreams.
Do you ever feel you're trapped in the reality?
Do you ever wanna runaway but still can't make a move?

In this game, your dreams will come true.
With your dreams, you are able to cross all the obstacles you encounter.
Solve the puzzles, and get out of here!

This game support multiple controls, which is illustrated in the first level.
One possible control:
SPACE: Interact
F: Dream
UP: Jump
R: Restart

If you like, you can swap UP and SPACE, that is, set UP as Interaction and SPACE as Jumping.


Walkthrough (China):
www.tudou.com/programs/vi ew/8dNfQ3jMn4g/


I am really kinda sleepy right now, and actually stayed up pretty late to play your game Mr. Sir "whateveryournameis" because this is a beautiful game. I never experienced any lag, the controls and buttons I didn't mess with at all (obviously someone got really upset about it D&S) but they seemed fine, gameplay was pretty good (but if you're ever gonna get silly with this, bring in a chronomatic rainbow ray gun). This is a really good game, and didn't make me feel like an idiot (as I've noticed many new games are doing). Thank you for making me think and get frustrated, some of the best frustration I've had in a while.

Cheers to you! My good sir! may many something, whatever, CABOOSE!

I'm not a fan of the alleged "control scheme" you give in-game. The description box below may be accurate as to what the controls really are for me, but the appropriate controls should be displayed at all times, especially when they are rebinded so that a player may know what they rebinded their keys to as well. Now you mention a "menu" in the game but there is no such menu to my knowledge and there is no direction on how to access it in game. The directions to play claim that to jump is either 'K' or 'SPACE' which is the interaction Key. The 'K' or 'J' keys are both claimed to allegedly place you in a dream state; even though technically for me it is just the 'J' key and none of this 'K' stuff.

You also forget to mention in the description boxes or even in your description below that WASD functions fine. I'll be honest, I'm shocked that 'R' actually restarted the game. When it mentioned a Menu could be accessed I tried to by looking for one with my mouse and then clicking random keys I thought may be a menu after restarting the game. I discovered then that the menu doesn't work when you are in the dark "intro" area that it resets on in the game and when I saw this area a second time from starting the game I had thought my progress to be lost. Luckily I decided to walk through the door just to check my gamer's intuition on if the menu could be accessed in actual gameplay and discovered both that the game actually does save (though with no indication that it would) and that the menu key was the 'ESCAPE' key.

Another issue is that you can exchange the JUMP and UP keys, but it shows no indication that by changes these keys that the 'W' key doesn't work for jumping anymore and it also doesn't show you that the 'K' key will be able to jump as well now. And then there is the sound. The sounds neutral status for when sound is on is labeled "SOUND OFF". So essentially when the sound if "OFF" it actually comes on and when it is "ON" it turns off, but what is worst is it doesn't turn off ALL SOUNDS. And sadder yet is although you may change a setting it will reset to the default after closing the game and returning.

Which brings up this: Go into an area with the sirens blaring, open the menu, go to exit, and listen the sirens STILL BLARING in the title intro. When exiting your current game file to the intro you can still hear the in-game file of the siren. It gets worse though. If you reenter the stage and turn the sound off (or ON) then the sirens will still be blaring. So that's a glitch you should look into.

The settings and sound details of this game are a bloody mess. You shouldn't submit content with subpar details. But now that there are those mechanical issues, it is time to discuss the game and it's gameplay mechanics.

The teaching experience is poor when showing that things in the dream world that you interact with don't stay the same, I suggest working on the doors so I can actually learn without having to fidget around with the game, but keep it so you don't have to read a sign as well. Like have a chain sequence of doors that it opens one, but not the other; and then let us learn with a few rounds of repetition to get it in the brain at first. I felt in the deep end with the three doors puzzle, you should of given a clue that changing into dream world first would be helpful and then changing out.

Another issue is the screen size. Ever wonder why so many platformers have a very large amount of stuff on a screen at once? It's so the player can plan ahead without ruining the momentum or experience for the player.

Also the collisions with the invisible tiles in the dream world are absolutely annoying, they need a slight tweak to make them easier to get on when stuck in them & changing worlds at the same time.

You got a game with potential, but there are so many bugs and annoying features it isn't worth it. I get the cinematic value, but which is better: Cinematics or gameplay?

Also the room with the light, should have explained more of what to do there; knowing to stay in dream land would have been nice.

Its pretty good but it does lag quite a bit. My computer is capable of playing most games on high settings so I know it is not the issue. Also the last level is kinda weird.

nice music, art and gameplay, but sometimes it get to much lag when you die

I like it but is the last room suposed to be ironic or something? I try the combinations to the doors but nothing works. What the deel?

"My dream is to escape." and it says on the board "Dreams NEVER come true." This mean no one ever wins this thing. If so..... you're an ass game designer.

ladace responds:

It's the early part of the game. "Dreams Never come true" means dreams do not affect the reality. You could check the walkthrough link in the description.

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3.78 / 5.00

Oct 15, 2012
7:48 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle