Angry Face vs the Cabin

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Angry Face Win! 50 Points

beat the game

Author Comments

Made in about 30 hours

Game to NG Game Jam 8

angry face is the chosen one to defeat the evil cabin in the woods in an epic battle!!!


And not a single glitch was given that day.

this was extremely well made awesome to play, couldn't find a single glitch

very cool game dud nice game.

oh man...
way too short, make more =)
gameplay is awesome, graphics are decent, the music is...so fantastic, i love it >_<

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Taking into account the fact that this was made in a very short amount of time...
I liked the "story" progression, great art, clean graphics, nice anims, and upbeat music. Creative take on the "cabin in the woods" theme, as well.

Unfortunately, the gameplay suffered from the short development time - the first level was a bit too easy and predictable, and the second was a bit too glitchy for me to be able to give you more credit.

Easiness, I understand. But the second level was rather frustrating.
-There were times when my character wouldn't respond to my mouse movements, and the gun was incredibly laggy - I'd click and pause, and it would take a few seconds for my actions to translate to the screen. There were some points when I thought the gun had malfunctioned entirely, since it wasn't shooting even though I was clicking like mad. Took me a minute to figure out it was all lag. Eventually, I just pointed my cursor to the left of the screen and clicked nonstop (and didn't do much else) to finish the game.
-I'm not sure if you really were supposed to be able to control the boat with arrow keys or whether that was just something you didn't have time to fix in the instructions splash page, but arrow keys did nothing in the second level - I was moving with awsd.
-Fireballs barely did any damage at all. I didn't make any effort to avoid them, yet they didn't seem to hurt me at all until the cabin was down to its last few hits - at which point they registered. Not sure if this was intentional, or if the fireballs just had a much smaller target area that the illustration would suggest. I'm using Firefox, latest version, and latest version Flash if it helps.

Overall, you clearly have talent. With more time and editing, this could become something pretty good - akin to the Madness series, maybe - but as it is right now, it's still problematic.

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3.56 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2012
5:52 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler