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Barbarian is a one- or two-player fighting game. As the name suggests, the fighters are barbarians. The game offers sword combat in various locales. The game has also a one-player plot mode, where the player has to defeat several fighters to fight evil wizard Drax to rescue princess Marina.

The port is faithful to the original, and even if the graphics have been updated to fit nowadays standards, all the variety, and the fun "specials" of the original version have been kept.

This game only features the fighting sequence: there is NO story mode, NO fighting Drax and NO getting the princess back (although sprites and animations where made :((

Anyway, there's always time for a quick sword-fight in one's life, right? ;)

Have fun!


A really excellent port of the old classic, with the art beautifully bringing it up to date.

Great work mate.

luxregina responds:

Ahah! Glad you liked it - sorry again we didn't end up working on this together: there would have been a story mode, and an happy princess at the end of the game if you had been on it, I'm sure :)

Classic! I played this when I was a kid, this made my day. Thanks great job.

I have already played this particular game long ago. Where have you been when not uploading it to Newgrounds till now?
Anyway, I agree with D4v1lle - EPIC GAME. The Barbarian is like a Bible of the fighting games for me. Still trying to make a game with the similar atmosphere. What I like perhaps most, is the fact you can be beheaded any second, even if you are winning. Gives an element of constant tension.

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luxregina responds:

More recently, I've been collaborating with Squize on the Outpost games >
I just uploaded the game to see what was the upload process on NG, and thought that some of the people that didn't get to play it back then might actually enjoy it :)

I agree with you, the beheading is really a hardcore move that can punish you at any moment - this game is one of my all-time favorite, and I HAD to pay it tribute at some point :)

Epic game, One of my favourite commadore 64 games. All I need is Kickstart II and I'm in heavan

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luxregina responds:

Thanks! I played it as a kid on Amstrad CPC 464 and it was one of my favorite game too! :)

the elf killed me no im serious i was still fighting and my oppoent did the win pose and the elf came and when he walked into me i died and my head flew off

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3.73 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2012
4:20 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler