Cab In The Woods

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Beat Creature Of Black Lagoon Level 1 10 Points

name says it all

beat slender level 1 10 Points

exactly what medal name says

Beat Yeti Level 1 10 Points

name says it all

Beat Yeti Level 2 25 Points

does whats on tin

Viewed The Credits 25 Points

does what said on tin

Beat Slender Level 2 50 Points

Beat Slender Level 2

Learning The Game 50 Points

Get This For Looking At The Tutorial Screen

Swamp2 50 Points

The Second Lagoon Level Has Been Beaten

Checking Out The Cabinjam 100 Points

Checking out the cabinjam medal.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Be The Greatest Cab Driver in the world. Your niche market: Monsters.

Made in 48 hours for NGJam8 "Cabin jam"

-THERE ARE 3 DIFFERENT MINI GAMES, ONE FOR EACH MONSTER!, dont like a level, try a different monster
-The swamp levels are quiet hard
-Slender levels, the zombies dont move much, so backtrack, there are 3ish ways to get to every page
-esc to go to levels
-enter to pause
-read the HowTo

Team DJP:

Joseph "SeppyB63" Bentley :
Roles:Lead,Programmer,Art ist,Davids handler,"Mr ohhh Shiny"

David "MakeHimAnOffer" Ryan :
Roles: Programmer,Ranter,Being David :D, "Mr Elmo"

Padraig "TerraCorrupt" o Connor:
Roles: Audio guy,Mage of Music, "Mr Indie"

We made this game in 48 hours for NGJam8.Its been fun.
When the theme was announced(at midnight here..),Padraig immediatly shouted(via IM) "CAB IN THE WOODS".....get it :D. fun.We brainstormed ideas,eventually deciding to make a game based on a taxi driver for the supernatural, who only takes fares from pop-culture monsters :D. then went to bed,where Joe had an Epiphany and the morning after said "What if rather than making 1 game, we make 3 mini-games..cause like..who needs sleep?".Everyone agreed so we began.We made 3 games with completly different gameplay mechanics,Slender being a pacman clone,Yeti being a momentum avoidance game, and swamp being a mario style water level.Fun for all the family.

Phew, Thank god thats done, hope you enjoy, we've been staring at this thing for the last 48 hours and no longer feel emotion.....be gentle with reviews :D

Thanks- Team DJP

"Fly the Flag for Irish Game Dev"

http://www.newgrounds.com /collection/nggamejam8

Slender: Arrows to move, avoid zombies, get pages.get 8 to get to next level

Yeti:up and down to avoid trees and snowmen, get away from avalanche

Swamp:Up to swim up, left/right to move, avoid fish and spikes, get to whirlpool



I LOVE this game !!!!!!!! To bad there is no 100 star rating :P

Seppyb63 responds:

Haha thank you :D


Seppyb63 responds:

Thank you for your chuckles :D

Realy great game, just a bit short, i hope you make a sequel to this !, simple and fun,nice job !

Seppyb63 responds:

Awesome, a sequel could very well happen, but for that to happen, we'd need about 3 months,which none of us have at the moment. glad you enjoyed the game, iIl talk to the guys, see if we could do a HTML5 sequel could be done this summer maybe...hmmm....

Kinda cool, not sure how I did it, but and the Slender part I managed to glitch into the trees and couldnt get back on the roads. DX

Seppyb63 responds:

That happends every now and then, its down to the way that collisions are calculated, and it would involve modifying the engine to fix.sorry :D

well done guys a bit buggy but fun nevertheless cant wait to see a complete version :)

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Seppyb63 responds:

Thanks :D, expect much more once NG gets full HTML 5 and Unity support :D

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Credits & Info

3.32 / 5.00

Oct 14, 2012
4:18 PM EDT
Action - Other