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A copy of Rockman Xover's core gameplay made under 24-hours!


Not bad considering that it was meant to be satire.

This scalding mockery really shows one reason why I don't have a "smart" phone. (Maddox already brought up all the others.) That and what everyone else has said about Capcom these days. However, you weren't the first to satirize the faults in the video game industry.

When it comes to the graphics, you did a great job on importing the sprites and mocking HD having them filtered in Photoshop to look ugly. I have to credit you guys for ripping on HD gaming and hope more people follow your lead. Oh, and kudos for having a reference to the DOS Mega Man at the end. Too bad only you guys and myself have gotten the reference. Sound wise, you guys used the same MMX sound effects as every other Mega Man flash on here, but I won't be dastardly considering that they fit quite nicely. It helps that I have no problem with commercial audio as long is it fits. Finally, the content of this is more of an interactive movie than a legitimate game, but like You Have To Burn The Rope and Press Space to Win: it gets its point across. You guys did an excellent job at recreating the gameplay from scratch considering how piss easy it is to make games for that iNookindexurface bullshit that I hate. That and the fact those mobile devices are a poor substitute for dedicated gaming systems and PCs. However, Iragination also recreated this as well, which lessens its impact. If you two decide to make more satires towards HD, tablet computers, smart phones, etc, I suggest that you up the ante with more abrasive/disgusting content.

The Good:
-Clever satire
-Good sound
-Good use of filtered sprites

The Bad:
-Not everyone has gotten the point
-The fact that you weren't the first to satirize the state of the gaming industry

Overall: I am giving this a nine for making a point and presenting it well. (4.5/5)

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Where's the option that says "I'm still not so sure" or "I have no strong feelings either way" at the end?

Because that is what I think.

If this is how Xover really plays then i gotta say, i wouldn't pay 10 cents for such trash.

wonder if the entire game could be ported like this little "demo"

imho that isn't a game at all, its more like a interactive flash video or something.

One thing that is flabbergasting is how this plays EXACLY like the real deal.

Perfect recreation of it.....capcom seriously didn't think things through if its this easy to copy.

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XOver (as well as this game) follows the basic style of virtually every single Social Game. But I REALLY think Capcom should scrap Rockman X Over for iOS and release it as a Facebook game.

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3.66 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2012
4:33 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight
  • Daily 2nd Place October 14, 2012