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(Please forgive for my English)

Wow... featured! I never thought Echo Bullet can be at that good! Thank everyone so much!

UPDATE: (October 21, 2012)
-Added save function! The game will save automatic after each battle.
-Automatic scaling with SHOW ALL mode. (if you like EXACT FIT mode more please let me know. I'm confused to choose between two modes).
- Now the control system was fixed for both qwerty and qwertz keyboards. If you have any problem with the game control please let me know!
- Fixed issue when shooting in the start / tut scene.

- Zoom the game screen can reduce the difficulty. When you can easy see your hitbox and enemy bullets it will be pretty much easier! If you play this game in fullscreen I'm sure it will be better!
- Direct contact with bosses doesn't hurt you!

9 bosses, 30 waves of bullet hell are waiting for you. Go and let your eyes dizzy!

Please leave your feedback to help me improve my game. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much!

"I managed to make the first boss, spell 2 like that. I tried to make a nice looking pattern but easy enough for first boss so... I make a pattern with many bullet but have safe spots, the task of player in this spell is to find those spots.

And for me the boss 1 first spell is easy, you just need to move close to the boss, when it shoot, it's make a big gap between it and bullets.

I wish that I could record a video clip of my playing to show the tactics to beat all bosses. There are some patterns seem hard but the tactics to pass them are easier than others. Example for the boss 6 first spell, you just need to relax then keep at the bottom of screen and move inside two lines of bullet. On this way you can pass the spell without losing any life!"


is kinda chalenging but if put some good music and more bosses i will make you an altar

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Nonako responds:

Thank you so much but... NO ALTAR!!!

bullet audyssey pwns this anytime and any year

This reminds me a lot to Touhou.Are you sure you didn´t steal it?A lot of patterns are equals to some Touhou bosses.

Tips to improve game:
Add a save system(I was missing only 3 bosses and i have to do all again -_-).
A bomb system would be nice(you prese S and all the bullets disappear).

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Nonako responds:

(Sorry for my English)

I don't think I stole anything. I'm fan of Touhou and Touhou inspire me for this game. At first, I put "touhou" in the game labels. But I didn't manage to remake any pattern from Touhou, I just tried to make best patterns that I can make and somehow some of them simulate some Touhou boss spells. Also I simulated other things from Touhou like control system. Anyway I love Touhou and so I think it's the point, my mind was full of Touhou!

I added save function! But can't add bomb system or anything that can change the game difficulty, I'm so sorry but if I do that it will be unfair for many players who submitted their score. :<

Thank you so much for playing and feedback! :D

ahah loved the second boss`s second pattern, very original

Very good
Moi buen

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2012
4:05 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight