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Echo Bullet

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(Please forgive for my English)

Wow... featured! I never thought Echo Bullet can be at that good! Thank everyone so much!

UPDATE: (October 21, 2012)
-Added save function! The game will save automatic after each battle.
-Automatic scaling with SHOW ALL mode. (if you like EXACT FIT mode more please let me know. I'm confused to choose between two modes).
- Now the control system was fixed for both qwerty and qwertz keyboards. If you have any problem with the game control please let me know!
- Fixed issue when shooting in the start / tut scene.

- Zoom the game screen can reduce the difficulty. When you can easy see your hitbox and enemy bullets it will be pretty much easier! If you play this game in fullscreen I'm sure it will be better!
- Direct contact with bosses doesn't hurt you!

9 bosses, 30 waves of bullet hell are waiting for you. Go and let your eyes dizzy!

Please leave your feedback to help me improve my game. Hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much!

"I managed to make the first boss, spell 2 like that. I tried to make a nice looking pattern but easy enough for first boss so... I make a pattern with many bullet but have safe spots, the task of player in this spell is to find those spots.

And for me the boss 1 first spell is easy, you just need to move close to the boss, when it shoot, it's make a big gap between it and bullets.

I wish that I could record a video clip of my playing to show the tactics to beat all bosses. There are some patterns seem hard but the tactics to pass them are easier than others. Example for the boss 6 first spell, you just need to relax then keep at the bottom of screen and move inside two lines of bullet. On this way you can pass the spell without losing any life!"


(9) bosses! HA! (well it's a not-so-popular meme, anyways), but still a pretty good game!
Pretty similar to Touhou too, which I LOVE because of its epic music (if you don't believe me, search 'Necrofantasia' or 'Hartmann's Youkai Girl' in Youtube).
Especially love how there are actually SPELLS in this game (like Touhou).
Quite a challenge too, it'll train me for Lunatic Mode too!
Not much to say anymore, so, yeah, a pretty good game to be honest (and redundant).

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Nonako responds:

I think Touhou is very far more than epic. Touhou is so much much much much much much much much much much much much much much ^ n better than my little game. Coincide that my most favorite Touhou song is Green Eyed Jealousy and I'm finding for a metal vocal of this song that I lost. This song is a video on Youtube, at start it shows a picture of Remilia and then rocking Parsee with her envy. The song is really strong. I love it so much but can't find. :( If you happen has this song please let me know by PM. Thank you so much for eveything.

Ah. I didn't think about (9) when I decide to create 9 bosses, Even that (9) isn't popular but number 9 its self is much popular. xD. (But till this time I see so many (9) around). Also I don't think this game can help you much with Lunatic, Touhou is on very higher level. :D

I enjoy bullet hell games, so I certainly had fun progressing through this game, but I really couldn't shake the feeling that there were a few things in the presentation that were "off" so to speak, and since I'm better at dwelling on issues than praise, I'll start with that.

The thing that seems to bother me the most is the hitbox; for some reason, it feels like the hitbox is a little too high since it isn't directly in the center. Perhaps it is the place where it makes the most sense to get hit, but it confuses me! (Especially since I don't like relying on being able to see it)
As I'm sure it's been pointed out already, the difficulty of the bosses in progression doesn't appear to be linear in direction; the first boss was more difficult than several of the bosses that proceeded him, in my opinion, and the difficulty of each attack seems to waver wildly. Using the last boss as an example, a couple of them are challenging, fitting for the final stage; a couple seem to rely on big bullets, and aren't very difficult before too long; the last one can either be a good endurance attack or a contest of how many lives are left when you get there, depending on which direction the influencing bullets take. In other words, the attacks are completely imbalanced! It'd be nice if you could mix things up a bit to make the difficulty a bit more sensible.
Also, you get twelve lives? That seems like both too many lives (in my opinion) and just a plain weird number to pick. (Does that total to the number of lives + bombs you start with in a Touhou game? :P) Not that I'm complaining. (I needed all of them)

Anyways, it was a fun experience regardless of some of its issues. The ship's maneuverability is fine, although a little fast for my liking; the attacks were interesting (even if some surprise you at first); nothing obscures the bullets when they get close to you; all in all, it's a fair game.
(Told you I'm not very good at praising people ;P)

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Nonako responds:

Thank you so much for playing and feedback!
Twelve number has some personal sense with me so I use it a lot. You can think like it is my lucky number. :D

I like this game, it is a good game to be honest, the only problem is: it might miss a tutorial to teach you how to play the game. Honestly I guess some other people understand the game, but for the new ones (like me) it would be a good thing to add the tutorial, plus I do not know what to do in it

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Is there an acutal REASON we can't use the mouse?

Nonako responds:

I can let you use mouse in my other games but not in this one, when I really love to use Slow / Focus Attack system.

I feel like as much as i like this game it has a carbon copy feel out of another older game called bullet audyssey. I am sorry even though i like this game a little bit, this is very hard to appreciate as it has a lot of ideas from that game and i feel like if i wanted that feeling i would go play that game. Also the game play is not as solid as the previous which is a big turn off, i give this a 2 of 10 or 1 of 5. Feel free to flame, hate or reply. If you thought of this by yourself before even knowing it existed then, my apologies.

Nonako responds:

Don't worry, please feel free to give me feedback but I must say I didn't even play Bullet Audyssey before I released this one. There are so many Bullet Hell game out there, like Touhou, and you can surely say I'm fan of Touhou and "copy" some idle from it (like i tagged Touhou in labels) but not from any other flash bullet hell games. Creating bullet patterns my self is easier than copy othesrs, and there are some patterns use pretty easy techniques to make, that's reason many games have some same patterns. Thank you for give my game a try.

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3.48 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2012
4:05 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight