Spy Car

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apprentice 5 Points

you read the help

berserker 5 Points

50 enemies killed

gunner 5 Points

10 enemies killed

car painter 10 Points

paint the car in the shop at least once

grim reaper 10 Points

kill 500 enemies

rocketeer 10 Points

launch 25 rockets

agent 001 25 Points

mission "Crystal is Forever" completed

agent 002 25 Points

complet mission "Quantum of Power"

booster 25 Points

use turbo-booster 50 times

noob 25 Points

collect 18 golden badges

agent 003 50 Points

complete mission "Gold wheel"

weapon freak 50 Points

all of the weapons in the shop purchased

gosu 100 Points

collect 36 golden badges

mechanist 100 Points

purchase all of the upgrades in the shop

Author Comments

The prototype of the most powerful energy source was stolen from the secret laboratory. The target of world domination! Take supercar! Destroy them all! Use gun, blaster, rockets and


This game is excellent in its overall quality and design and smooth controls.However,there are some quite serious problems that affect the gameplay.
(1)Game physics are quite unstable as cars like are frisbees flying around the screen by driving over a ramp and sometimes,they end up landing on the player,causing damage or the player ends up landing on the enemies' turrents which can 'happily' open fire on its victim which is often defenseless as the turrent could not turn downwards to return fire.Even the super car can sometimes run into clumsy accidents with enemies landing in front of it suddenly(Game physics could be made better to stop the cars flying around and landing around on each other and a mini map can be included to show the enemies.)
(2)The enemies have some advantages over the player.First,their turrents turn faster and at a wider while the player's turrent turn slower and only fire at the same level as the enemies and air targets.Secondly,enemies are able to fire from outside the screen while the player's turrent has a certain range and could not do so.Thirdly,maybe the huge numbers of enemies and traps add the adrenaline pumping feeling into this action racing game but why does it seem as though the player is fighting against the whole country and not just an organisation?From Level 1 to 10,police cars are seen attacking the player only and not the other armed vehicles and seeing from the plot,the player's aim is to get back the stolen secret weapon,so why did the police have to attack the player only?After all,there are other vehicles trying to cause mayhem by trying to kill the player.Also,the player has one turrent,and no matter how powerful it may be,it look ridiculous trying to turn and kill multiple enemies in front of,behind and above it at the dame time.Missiles fly forward,so they are pretty useful to a certain extent until they hit a ramp and going flying off into the air(The player should also have more turrent slots and weapons like flak and traps like oil to slow down enemies and mines to blow them up and missiles to fire backwards.)

Good work on including racing levels even though there is still unstable game phyics in them.Since there will be a next part,this game is a pretty good starter for it despite having some problems,those above and possibly others not mentioned.Great work and keep it up!

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Same problem as crazysovietboy, game freezes and after restarting all datas are lost. Nice game, but not nice enought to restart the whole thing

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It's an overall nice game, although I got to criticize a bit on its auto-save system. I had a bad crash and also there was a short blackout, the game forced me to start ALL OVER AGAIN! I find that stupid and you need to fix that.

The other is the 2nd race is there's at least 1 or 2 vehicles running at an air force jet speed which results in me unable to get 1st place many times. People wants to win and I don't know if that's a bug or something, can you help out?

As for the other details, graphics and gameplay wise are fun, but I got to say the music is quite repetitive, you need to bring in more music rather than just only 1.

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Pretty fun game and it's fairly easy to get most of the medals. Not bad.

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3.60 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2012
5:19 AM EDT
Sports - Racing
  • Daily 4th Place October 14, 2012