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Multi-player mayhem of the wire-frame variety, mmoAsteroids pits player against player in a team based battle for glory!

As featured on RockPaperShotgun.com, this game will have you laughing out loud at the hilarity of trying to cooperate with your fellow team-mates trying to pilot the Mecha craft together, while avoiding heat-seeking missiles which shrink the object they hit on contact to half size!

Fantastic fun for all ages!

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Fantastic idea, very creative. I love the sense of fun you feel just from reading the description. However, the interface is a little awkward and the game interface seems cramped. The contrasting colors make for a tough experience that many may dismiss as generic or stale. I'm tellin' ya, it's all about those glow effects...haha.
Definitely liking the RPG approach, with ranks and whatnot, but I really had a tough time finding the "refinery". I think this still needs some work. However, at 10kb this is very impressive and I'm somewhat astonished, actually.

out of 10...
gfx - 5 (not much fun to look at)
sfx - N/A (can't hear em)
design - 7 (somewhat confusing and cramped layouts)
gameplay (very fun, seems well-balanced)

overall, I think this is a great game that may go completely ignored by the masses in favor of "prettier" games like.....RELIC OF WAR. Which, while it kinda sucks, has pretty graphics.

wildbunnygames responds:

Thanks for feedback! I need to find an artist to work with to redo the graphics and layout, since its only me making the entire game from top to bottom! :)

I love the idea and I love the theme you're aiming for!
It's quite buggy, but it's okay, the design is a bit plain, perhaps make a ship designer instead of a trianglar ship

The loading bug and the ship stasis bug can be fixed by rebooting... Ahem... GeorgiX64X...

Amazing idea, but needs hard work to pull it off!


Credits & Info

4.85 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2012
4:59 AM EDT