Transylvania Girls

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Sleeping in 5 Points

Rest before you need to.

What kind of a moron says no to that? 5 Points

Reject the final offer (Polly)

Blondes Have More Fun 10 Points

Beat the game with Polly

Bloody Mary 10 Points

Beat the game with Emmy

Harvey Wallbanger 10 Points

Beat the game with Beth.

100 Problems 25 Points

Get a girl mad at you.

Blockhead 25 Points

Bought the brick.

Close to Godliness 25 Points

Beat the game with maximum (100) Piety.

Made Man 25 Points

Beat the game with maximum (100) respect.

Playboy 25 Points

Beat the game with maximum (100) charm.

Ain't Easy 50 Points

Beat the game with all girls. (multiple playthroughs)

Illumination 50 Points

Beat the game without using the secret.

Venture Capitalist 50 Points

Get all of Dracula's artifacts by buying them.

We Named The Dog Indiana 50 Points

Get all of Dracula's artifacts by digging.

Market Research 100 Points

Revealed all 3 girl's secrets in one playthrough.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Paul has become bored with his life. There's only one thing that can still hold his interest: resurrecting Dracula! But first he has to find a virgin and Dracula's remains. Help him woo the girls while still finding time to go hunting for Dracula's body parts!

Oct 14th, 2012: You can view a complete date/secret guide here (direct link in my profile):
http://www.newgrounds.com /dump/item/c51080a2d1da48 2e2dee5ca9f743872d

(note: when copy and pasting the link there are two spaces you need to backspace. Unfortunately this seems to be part of how descriptions work with long words, so I can't put a direct link here as far as I know. Alternately, there's a direct link to the guide in my profile.)

WARNING: This contains EVERY secret in the game! Only use it if you're _REALLY_ stuck! If you're having too much trouble with the boredom time limit you may want to look up just the secret in the guide in order to have an easier experience.

Oct 13th, 2012: Added Medals.


This is a very interesting point & click game and it's perfect for Halloween :) Great job :)

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great game could you tell me what the brick dose i could not find the answer in your guide thanks

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sdhawk responds:

It's literally just for the medal associated with it and nothing else. And also to add to the joke that the protagonist is buying his gifts from a mason for some reason.

It seems it doesn't appeared

@mankey, the link works, but when you paste it in your browser, there would have two spaces at the link, you just gotta back space them.

Unfortunately, I can't seemed to get any girls, as they all hated me at the end because none of them are virgins (?) I've read the guide after two girls options but still failed as the last option were not shown... am I in bad luck or that the girl that is a virgin is being randomly chosen? ):

But focusing back on to the game, the graphics are awesome, as well as the game music.
The only "problem" (I wouldn't emphasis it at such great extent, because it's not entirely problematic, but it's just a little suggestion? I guess.) is that the times when you're trying to perform a specific action (for example: visiting the church, digging the grave, out drinking, etc,.), there should be a skip button present, (yes I've noticed one from time to time for dialogs, but I believe that the game play would be enhanced to a much greater degree, if a skip button was added into each situation.) so that players (especially the ones failed more than once) could finish the game much faster than it needs to be.

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sdhawk responds:

Virginities are randomly generated each game, yes (with a guarantee of at least 1 virgin and a possibility of 2- the guide also lists each girl's virgin probability though you can probably guess them).

You can skip activity scene animations by clicking anywhere during them, though there's admittedly still fade in/out animation. (Perhaps it should have been made more explicit with skip text, but I guess I just figured most people start hittin' buttons when impatient. It's also consistent with how skip-text-scrolling works by clicking when it's scrolling.)

SO! Just beat this game, by a miracle, I'd say. Since I JUST SO HAPPENED to get together with Beth with 98 Boredom, so either that was the game being generous or it was programmed that way. Lemme spill my thoughts on it...

-The concept is good, simple, but I do wonder exactly what real purpose bringing Dracula to life would serve. Granted, I saw for myself the "benefit" of summoning Dracula would end up serving but I still question what he would have done if Dracula was...well, NOT what it turned out to be. (Avoiding spoilers, so hopefully you know what I meant.) Still, if there was REAL logic behind it, there'd be no game. So points for creativity at least.

-Some of the music, while not COMPLETELY original, did set the mood right. I would have liked more original music but otherwise fitting.

-Personally, my main concern lies with the graphic window that shows what's going on. For a game the size that it is, it seems to give more space to the buttons/menu then what you're using as the main interface of action. To me, it should have had an equal size. Unless having it at that size is reflective of your artistic ability, which is decent at the least. However, I still think it could have used the expansion.

-Also, I dunno if this happened with anyone else currently, but your link to the walkthrough/secret guide isn't working. You might wanna look into that.

Overall, as dating sims go, I've played better. But I did find myself enjoying this. So I'm being a bit generous with the rating. You've got potential with this. If there were to be a second version of this title or maybe even a sequel with updated/upgraded mods and mechanics, you'd really hit it home. Keep up the good work!

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sdhawk responds:

You just got really lucky :D

-Ultimately the driving force of the protagonist is just that he's bored- he's rich and has explored all other options that his wealth could bring and has no real ambitions/goals/love in his life, so now he's just latching onto a legend to have something to do with himself. The actual results of the experiment almost don't matter to him. Additionally, there's a fair chance that Dracula is exerting force over his weak mind from beyond the grave though that's up to interpetation. (SPOILERS) There is some irony in his fate in that he's ultimately back where he started, just with immortality to live bored forever once the novelty wears out. Of course, it's also ambiguous enough that players can simply assume that he forms a happy relationship as well.

-Me and Giz (the artist) agree about the window size, honestly. The smaller size made the art easier to handle since he's fairly new to art in general. It was just a good enough restriction to get the game done. Hopefully we'll be more ambitious next time.

-Thanks for the heads up, I've put a note in the description about it.

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3.84 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2012
4:22 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating