Transylvania Girls

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Sleeping in 5 Points

Rest before you need to.

What kind of a moron says no to that? 5 Points

Reject the final offer (Polly)

Blondes Have More Fun 10 Points

Beat the game with Polly

Bloody Mary 10 Points

Beat the game with Emmy

Harvey Wallbanger 10 Points

Beat the game with Beth.

100 Problems 25 Points

Get a girl mad at you.

Blockhead 25 Points

Bought the brick.

Close to Godliness 25 Points

Beat the game with maximum (100) Piety.

Made Man 25 Points

Beat the game with maximum (100) respect.

Playboy 25 Points

Beat the game with maximum (100) charm.

Ain't Easy 50 Points

Beat the game with all girls. (multiple playthroughs)

Illumination 50 Points

Beat the game without using the secret.

Venture Capitalist 50 Points

Get all of Dracula's artifacts by buying them.

We Named The Dog Indiana 50 Points

Get all of Dracula's artifacts by digging.

Market Research 100 Points

Revealed all 3 girl's secrets in one playthrough.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Paul has become bored with his life. There's only one thing that can still hold his interest: resurrecting Dracula! But first he has to find a virgin and Dracula's remains. Help him woo the girls while still finding time to go hunting for Dracula's body parts!

Oct 14th, 2012: You can view a complete date/secret guide here (direct link in my profile):
http://www.newgrounds.com /dump/item/c51080a2d1da48 2e2dee5ca9f743872d

(note: when copy and pasting the link there are two spaces you need to backspace. Unfortunately this seems to be part of how descriptions work with long words, so I can't put a direct link here as far as I know. Alternately, there's a direct link to the guide in my profile.)

WARNING: This contains EVERY secret in the game! Only use it if you're _REALLY_ stuck! If you're having too much trouble with the boredom time limit you may want to look up just the secret in the guide in order to have an easier experience.

Oct 13th, 2012: Added Medals.


It is addicting after some time but it can be repetitive and there has to be a way so that you can decrease your boredom because it can come back after a while

At first I didn't like it, I found it unappealing and slow, as well as tedious. I kept playing however, and by the time I got my first ending, I had to get the others, it was quite interesting and turned out to be a good story.

This boredom... it's too much!!!

I bet this isn't a game everyone enjoyed,for being a little different then most around here,but I really liked it. I like feeling like a sir through my actions,I like the many varieties and random encounters with the interesting characters,but I must say the game's repetitions are just a little bit boring. PS: Awesome soundtrack. Beethoven and Debussy ftw!

Excellent, I had not loved such a game for a long time (the last one was "Seedling"). I can't explain why, it is addictive, maybe because these girls are interesting characters. I was angry when I learned Polly was no virgin ("Get lost, please, I can't get involved, you are consuming my time") and so impatient to seduce them as a perfect gentleman then trap them in a castle... I was asking Paul : "What are you doing ?!?" when he started to unwear instead of politely stabbing the tricked woman before returning home and think to them... This is a story !

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3.84 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2012
4:22 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating