Robot & Dog

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Wow! So many swell reviews! I never thought that I'd get so much kind feedback. Thanks two bunches!


This is my first ever submission to newgrounds, as well as my first ever original project. I'm still learning the ropes in flash, and art in general, and it turned out way better than I expected.
Hope ya like it and junk!

Go to my Youtube channel ifin ya want too: http://www.you tube.com/user/ZippyRagu

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jaywalking for life ( i think no one can live without jaywalking because its save a lot of time-energy.....on the other hand jaywalking may cause lost physical or/and moral damage( so here is the problem; you can take an attractive short cut but it may cause a "wormhole". No jokes. P.S. jajaja

I liked the humor. A lot of people make an attempt at this kind of humor, but not a lot of them succeed. You did a wonderful job on executing this type of humor. Your comedic timing is great.

The voices were very good for both the dog and the robot. I must say I'm glad you didn't just use Speakonia for the robot, but instead, applied a robot effect to a human voice. It makes a big difference.

The style was rough, simplistic, but nice. Some of the proportions were off in some scenes, but they were pretty minor and they didn't distract from the main piece.

I liked the stock music. They really enhanced the submission and set the mood for each scene.

I must say your preloader was misleading. To be honest, the preloader looked very sloppy and rushed and if somebody were to vote without watching, they would probably give it an unfair vote. Usually I'd say preloaders are a very important part of the submission - after all, first impressions!

Overall, I loved this. I could definitely see this as a television show and if it was, I'd definitely watch it. Good luck in your future animations!

Does the word SpazKid remind you of anything?

What i have to say is .....................................
.THIS WAS FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a good animation, you obviously know how to animate, maybe try thining your lines down! i gave this a 4/5 well because it deserved it, well done! Also the voices were good too! welcome to newgrounds! :)

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2.36 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2012
8:49 PM EDT
Comedy - Original