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Tomb Looter

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This is a game me and my wife have been working on and off on for the past 2 years.

I'm after feedback mostly, likes, dislikes, things that need improving on etc.

Fight monsters and collect treasure in this survival platform action game.

- Monsters and loot are randomly generated
- Currently three levels with multiple way points
- Monsters increase in quantity and rarity after each level.
- More and better loot the longer you survive.

This is just a BETA and there are many features I still want to add including:
- Many more levels
- More types of loot
- Random chance of boss battle rooms
- Throw-able Dynamite

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nice game but needs more levels and boss rooms

well, this has great potential. but it does have a few things that could be improved. I will not mention what has already been said.

First, the difficulty. its too easy and hard at the same time. Those reasons being very weak enemies and no way to heal. so your easily mowing down enemies but if you accidentally let them hit you, tough luck, you cant heal. It would be more challenging and rewarding if, say, the mummies and anubis warriors (?) took two hits to die and always started walking your way, and if those winged girl statues could refill your health if you duck in front of it or something.

second, variety of challenge. this isnt so much as a flaw pointing as it is a suggestion, but using the whip for so long can get boring. how about, later on the game you stuble over a dead explorer's corpse and can take his weaker-than-whip-but-is-a-ranged-weap on gun? that would be nice. Also, maybe add things like: quicksand which doesn't let you jump, poison dart traps which invert your controls, Puzzle rooms, etc.

i would complain about the menu, but the guy below me did.

and thats about it! great game, could be greater. good luck and have a nice day

jasonorme666 responds:

Thanks for the review, Great suggestions and I will definitely be taking them into account.

Is it weird that whenever I see a game in modern times with that faux retro pixelated look I think "Oh well that's bound to be good"?

Well it's not bad. I quite like it. I like that the monsters and treasure randomly spawn in the level, but the implementation was actually quite nice. I like that the mummy caskets are always there but you don't know which ones will open and release a mummy. That actually adds a bit of suspense to the game and you definitely get kudos for that. It definitely adds replay value, and especially since you only have three level setups so far replay value is a very good thing.

Now my best advice would be to tweak the aesthetics. I really like the pixelated cartoony look, but the music and menu screens don't match up with it at all, especially the picture of the main character on the main menu. Also I'm not sure if this is really good advice, but the main character's sprite doesn't really match up with the rest of them. Maybe it's the fact that he's clearly Indiana Jones. Yes, definitely; it is the fact that he's clearly Indiana Jones and you're not fooling anybody.

I'll say again that I really like that the levels randomly place monsters and treasure, but you really should tweak your random gen algorithm so that you don't display the same level twice in a row. My first level played twice and I actually thought for a second there that you had only designed one level and randomized the monsters.

This is probably an asshole thing to say when your description (yes I read descriptions) but add more content :p I think this game could do with some puzzle doors, maybe a whip-swinging mechanic like in Pitfall! In fact maybe toss in some alligator pits. They had those in Egyptian tombs, right?

See, I just love the concept here and I think I'll add you to my "favorite content creator" list just so I can catch when you next update this, but I just can't stand how much this game lags. This game lags so freaking much for no discernible reason. Okay, I get that graphical style/quality doesn't always equal better performance speed, but if the level is already randomly generated then why are there certain points in the levels that just randomly slow down to almost nothing? The AI doesn't slow the game down, the pretty flashing gem animation doesn't slow the game down, what in the world is lagging?
I'm not trying to be a dick here; I know people are already jumping on you for the lag issue. But you really need to hunker down and figure out what the problem is, because nobody wants to play a Flash game that starts off really cool and then midway through the level Indie and all of the monsters suddenly start moving like they're swimming in molasses.

For a good game that needs a good dusting and polishing, 8 out of 10 stars.

To be honest, I like the idea and the approach. However, I'm not running that old of an machine and am getting incredible lag. After all, if it's designed like an old DOS game then shouldn't it also have the same demands in terms of processing power? Something to do with your level design I think...maybe it is all loaded at once instead of in sectors? Dunno.

I think the first update you make SHOULD be the dynamite! and either adjust framerate (which seems to waver), or optimize the way levels load or something.

out of 10...

gfx - 9
sfx - 8.5
design - 7.5
gameplay - 8

overall, I love the idea and it is a charming game hindered only by slight lag at times.

out of 10...

jasonorme666 responds:

Lag seems to be a problem once its exported to flash, I've come across it only a couple of times myself.
At the start of the frame (once the loading screen has sorted all level, loot and monster generating values) it will then spawn everything at once within that frame, this can up the object count from 60 to over 300 in a matter of seconds. Which is definitely something I need to find a work around for.

Thanks for the review and thanks for playing.

The jumping physics need some work, it's way too slow and makes me feel like I'm on the moon. Besides that, the controls are otherwise tight.

The game is very fun, and reminds me of SNES games, so definitely a plus on the nostalgia factor!


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3.66 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2012
4:19 PM EDT