Super Mechs

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Build, Fight, Prevail! Design your Mech and fight against your friends in the arena for glory!


f***, two days ago I've buyed 2new weapons, and today those weapon were disappeared and my MONEY HAS BEEN DECREASED for buying those weapons.
Please fix it, i dont want to lose my money
and I sow there r many posters that find that bug

Tacticsoft responds:

Please send me more info in a private message.

Awesome game, I just have some suggestions:
- if I defeat a computer 6 levels above mine, I should probably get more XP than 100;
- ranking system is kind of weird (I sometimes go down the rank after I beat an opponent, and up after i lose);
- you should definitely show the Overkill;
- and I noticed that sometimes computers can use weapons consecutively in the same round;
- also, on odd occasions, if you click the play vs. computer button just when the game is putting you with a human player, you get an weird visual bug, where there are two of you, and two opponents.

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Tacticsoft responds:

Thank you!

Great game
Sometimes when I cant buy anything i refresh and log in again but i lose some money as much as the price of the item i couldn't buy

Tacticsoft responds:

Thank you, will fix.

This game is really great but there
s a lot of bug. The worst bug is wiping all of my new items that a bought yesterday when i reach lvl 34. My armor, guns and modules are all gone when i log in and on top of that i have little gold left and the computer opponent have 4 moves in 1 turn. plz fix this problem this game is really great.

Tacticsoft responds:

Please send me a private message with more details.
Thank you...

Recently, I was facing the same bug as the user FxS mentioned below. I lost all of my credits and all of my upgrades ( somewhere around level 8 ~ 9 ). My level are still on level 9 tho'. Please fix this and is there a way to recover my stats and equipment? Or at least, player reset?

Tacticsoft responds:

Please send us more info in a private message...

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4.03 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2012
12:34 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - VS