PB clock vs Dumpsterclock

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bigest fite of da senchury

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i feel like you sat at home smoked some weed and half assed an idea you thought was funny, this is a steaming pile of shit that could have been funny if executed better... please kill it now before anyother people have to go threw the pain of watching this... No offense (cause that makes it unoffensive) next time have them interact more and maybe give us a general clue on what the fuck is going on at anytime


omg r u spyign on me?// :o

It's alright xD


ok fuck XD

The "Dancing" when the lyrics started was the highlight of the entire movie; I lol'd at that.

Besides that, though, it was a bit boring :(



tehy wer fiteing il haev u no!

0c0.......................this is worse than anything fatbadger has ever made and that cutting it close


i'd have to agree. fatbager makes some pretty grade-A stuff

Okay.. This was horribly bad.. Not to mention at the end there was a gaint "fuck you" and i took alot of offense to that.. Not only was the ending bad, the actual beggining had refernces to smoking crack and everything in the movie was a refernce to a violent fight.. Im sorry if im beingharsh but this was pretty bad... 0/5 not only for those reason but because it had to specific idea of what was going on other then a fight... Please, try a bit harder and you might just suceed at making good games bro.. Thanks so much..


wow it's cool that you didn't like my movie and all but it's pathetic that you had to be a gigantic pussy about it. especially like when all of your favorite art and one of your favorite flashes on here are all basically porn, but my completely innocent little joke makes you cry like a little fucking baby. lolz