Strategery 2012

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Help Mitt Romney win the Nomination then choose Romney or Obama and fight for the presidency in Ohio.

Press 1 through 6 to level skip. Press m to mute.

Pixels by: Ian MacLean
Music by: Stephen Webster
SFX by: Steve Machen
Typos by: Michael Silverman

Or support Silverware Games and get the desktop version for PC/Linux/Mac on desura now for 2.99

Update 1: You can skip intros and battles move a bit quicker.
Update 2: You can now watch the tutorial video.
Update 3: Text is now shorter, debates are easier to skip.
Update 4: General election level. Press 6 to skip to it.
Update 5: Fix one bug and level balance. Nerfed Santorum and level 6 Romney.


Very clever and well executed idea. I like how your staffers don't respond to attacks just like the real Romney campaign. Gary Johnson 2012

msilverman responds:

Wanted to do something with Ron Paul, maybe a level where he shows up and has only an extremely tiny crop of staffers and the goal is to beat him in 3 turns. I thought that might tick off the Paul guys though. (Also time constraints!)

I would have to agree with other people, Mitt Romney's special charges way too fast and can be devastating.

msilverman responds:

If someone could post how many turns they can beat the game as Romney vs Obama I'd appreciate it. I was actually worried that Obama was a bit too strong b/c I'm a vote win guy.

(Edit: Thanks to everyone's feedback I've changed the game balance. Let me know if its wrong.)

i like the concept. a good tactics game is hard to find. and the theme is good but...

romney's co ability cant seem to work on a target building if there is a enemy on it unlike what was basically said in the tutorial.so its pointless.

and the lack of diversity in the units and how they work is dissapointing. no one to capture stretches of the ground by posting signs up along the streets or ranged capturing multiple buildings over time with negative adds .im guessing its morale that you deplete from the enemies so why isnt capturing and damaging the enemies done at the same time?

i like the first advance wars and days of ruin (mech tanks and mad dashes for silos is dumb). this is a simplified advance wars with a political twist without getting to see pery blown up in a bus by romney .

4 stars because its better than most of the other games i tested recently and it probably took alot of time to make

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msilverman responds:

If you use Suppression carefully you can make a vote win much easier. Keep in mind that that the other candidate does not know which houses are suppressed so you can send them on a wild goose chase if you are clever about it. Also, if you wait a turn the other side usually leaves the city. I'll try to make the tutorial more clear on that.

The writing here is absolutely delicious, as is the fact that this game is an homage to the Wars series (advance wars in particular.)

The game does have a few flaws, though. Ignoring the fairly weak variety of units available in the game, there are only really a few gripes. The primary gripe I have with the game: players should be able to disable battle animations. The missions are already slow and spaced out. While the writing is great here, repeated battles really grind the game to a near halt. Also.... there a save function? I haven't noticed it if there is one.

msilverman responds:

No save yet, not sure what you want there? Would you need to go back to a level in progress or do you want your scores to be stored somewhere?

Also, I'd love to do more units of course, but those big faces are pricy! I'll think about trying to speed up the battles, or turn them off. Also I was going to make it so you can skip the level intro if you are retrying it.

Quite Good Game, however I found one big gripe. the game should have a menu button, in which you can save, quit, change quality and turn on/off the sound, and off course it should work as a pause button too

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msilverman responds:

A lot of people bring up menus.

(Edited to sound less grumpy) I can't see a real justification for one.

I understand that a lot of games have menus because its good form... but maybe we are being slaves to the standard flash game format?

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3.43 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2012
9:26 AM EDT
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