Subsist Zombie DTT

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Levels3 10 Points

beat levels 1 - 3

Levels6 25 Points

beat leves 4 - 6

Levels9 25 Points

Beat levels 7-9

SpeedNClick 25 Points

Beat any level using fastest speed and click to start all waves.

HolyPower 50 Points

Use a big angel on any level

Levels12 50 Points

Beat levels 10 - 12

Levels15 50 Points

Beat levels 13 - 15

HardMode15 100 Points

Beat level 15 on hard mode

Author Comments

Use your mouse to place fire and holy type weapons along the path, path traps such as ice and lava can be placed on the path.

The zombies spew out blood as they die leaving a trail of blood all over the paths. The game can get very challenging, use the help button in game for help and a walkthrough.

YOU MAY NEED TO REFRESH BEFORE YOU WILL SEE YOUR MEDALS EARNED. Medals are awarded at the end of a level.

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Hiya mate, found a weird bug. I was playing, i clicked the cross to exit because I ballsed up the first level, but when I went to play again, the game wasn't responding to me clicking on towers to place them. - Only played a little bit so far, seems really good though :)

zombies cant touch this



Noticed 2 bugs. 1st with the AOE of the holy statues. When on a higher speed the zombies go right through it taking minimal dammage but when set to alower speed they take much more dammage so set it up where they take the same amunt of dammage at any of those 3 speeds. Also later on I noticed that I could not click on any of the towers to set them up on my map at level 7. Possibly a bug that happens from time to time as it workedafter I returned to the main menu but note that it does happen from time to time. Best of luck to you mate on your future games!

tadgamers responds:

Thank you for pointing out that click bug, I'm going to have to look that over. For the speed thing, it's not really that they take less damage, just that they move faster past the statues, but your correct in that it appears as though the zombies are taking much less damage, perhaps I'll tweek with that a little too. Thanks for the good comment!

Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2012
11:40 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense