Alive (NATA Finals)

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This is my entry for the final round of NATA 2012! It's been fun!

The theme was "the final fork in the road." For those having trouble seeing how that fits with this movie, remember that the fork in the road is for Death and not Calvin.

First, some things that went wrong. Because it's all frame-by-frame, some of it is shaky. Oops. The way I coloured it is weird and the backgrounds aren't too detailed. The sounds mixing isn't too great, but that's partially because I got my friends to record their lines at their own houses, so the quality differed. Now, things that I thought went well. On the whole, I think the frame-by-frame came out nicely and I'm proud of it. But ore importantly, I branched out in terms of story. This breaks the same formula I've been using since the novice round, and I didn't have to panic and change things last minute like I did last time. It actually sort of worked, so that's nice.

I doubt I'm going to win NATA because I'm against Emrox, but NATA was definitely a great experience. Just compare my open round entry ("Splice of Life") to this. I definitely got something out of this all. Expect me back again next year!


This is just great I got to remember this I'm totally gonna fuck with death like this when I die.

I Am become death, destroyer of worlds.. LOL anyway, down to the review, this was a REALLY GOOD FINAL MOVIE, and approve of it and its general ideas and comedy, so thank you for this wonderful idea of NATA and its basis on How it portrays death in everyday life.. thank you soo much and i hope to see more work from you in the future. Funny voice acting too.. 5/5 and i hope this stays up forever and forever cuz it truly is a masterpeice of art

I got excited for NATA this year since you were entering again. You didn't fail to disappoint!

Pure excellence. Pahgawk without a doubt you are one of my favorite animators on the Internet. Your art style is fresh and alive, and your humor is witty without the use of profanity and stupidity. Your writing and music creating skills are superb, and this piece was just magnificent. I would just like to personally thank you for gracing Newgrounds with your amazing talent these past months as I have been looking forward to each entry the second I had finished the previous. Thank you for everything Pahgawk, and good luck!

The moral of the story is that the best person to teach Death to have a life is a stubborn imbecile.Good work as always even though it is a change from the usual.

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4.17 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2012
5:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original