Docks Crane Turbo

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A unique game in which you have to operate at the docks, working on the crane.


Like eveyone else said... Kina dull and repetitive...I saw no way this could get any better from stage 1... it's just match the order, deliver, match a slightly different order... deliver... you don't even have to make anything to fill an order... just click the box and bang... I at least expected to drive a little forklft to pick up a box and drop it off.

Fun for a while. It serves as a quick reaction exercise with some memorization needed.
Not bad at all. I give you 3 stars. Well earned.

Though this game claims to be unique, this is in fact another instantiation of the "time management game," (Papa's Wingeria, Jacksmith et. all). I was never a fan of the genre, personally, but as a developer, you should at least be honest and admit that it is a continuation of a genre rather than something intent on forging a new path.

In terms of the gameplay itself, the game has severe issues. True to its word, Docks Crane Turbo is FAST. In fact, it's so fast that it's reminiscent of the 2000-era flash games that are currently unplayable due to the drastically faster processing speeds modern computers now use. The background is highly distracting, and for a moment, I had no clue what I was supposed to do. Even once you understand the nature of the game, there's no indication that you can hover your mouse over the impatient customers to get a glimpse at their order! Many new players would give up hope before completing the first stage. To compound matters, one cannot simply drop bad crates over the disposal to start from scratch. No, you have to physically drag your mouse over the tiny disposal machine itself.

The most fundamental flaw, here, though, is that there is no feeling of legitimate accomplishment as you progress through the game. You are simply determining which rectangular titles adorn the cargo holds. Compared to other games within the genre, this sort of labor feels insultingly menial. With the minimal between-level transitions (the music track doesn't even change during the transition...) and the fairly blank scoreboard, I don't really have anything to pull me on and play the game any further than the first few stages.

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A simple game, that it not v.interesting. The first thing I would suggest is the addition of a tutorial, although it did not take long to work out how to put boxes on and move the crane, it took me a long time to realise you have to click on the money. I would also suggest that you give more time to click on money, though without slowing down the pace of the game something i thought was good. It was also very repetitve which I believe would need a majour remake to fix. A pause feature would be a good thing to impliment (if there was one i could not find it). I also did not like the graphics style, it seemed too simple, though this could be just my opinion. The final point is all the things in the background are distracting so I would tone them down. Fun for a few minutes when you have worked out what to do, then becomes boring 0.5/5

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2.67 / 5.00

Oct 10, 2012
11:48 AM EDT
Strategy - Other