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Hey! Here's a Show Reel of my animations in my school, before I take a student.

Hope you enjoy it!


I love it but I don't reconize some of the KAIJUS (KAIJUS)=in caps cuz I love them but were there any oc's cus I didn't reconize some of them but the ones that I did reconize I loved it please reply.

I'll name all the Monsters:

Godzilla 1954,1998,2000,and 1972

Bagan(Unused Monster from a cancelled movie)


King Ghidorah


For those who don't know godzilla I'll recap it...

Godzilla,was first a lizard when a atomic bomb after World War 2,then lizard got infected and turned into a giant monster known as the King of the Monsters,the very first godzilla first appeared in 1954 through 1956,upon thus killing the very first godzilla,they made a mistake that they were at war with so many kinds of monsters,the godzilla generation was past down to grown up to infant,many of the godzilla family tree were almost wiped out,until Zilla,a different kind of godzilla was actually a mutant,but relates to the godzilla family,he was terrozing New York City and had so many eggs to give birth to more,when it was destroyed the nest and Zilla himself,yet the very last one came and a guy became Zilla Jr.'s very own mother...in 2004,Godzilla Jr whom Godzilla 2001-2002 gaven birth to...Godzilla 2004 had to be trapped in the Arctic Ice in the South Pole,being cautious of any more will be born,so Minilla was lost without his father,so he then had to search for him...when it was over,Godzilla was ready to destroy the humans of the Gotengo,but then Minnila stood up and convince his own father to do no more harm...so that was it...the end....but in the new movie Godzilla 2013...will his father made up his mind and go to a different continent to ravange destruction,knowing that two new monsters,also known as mutants have been born and now they are causing mayhem...(The Two new monsters were from animated series Godzilla the Series,their names were never shown but they will soon come up)

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epic with a hint of funny. I cracked up at the hand part. but I did like how you recaped pretty much all the godzilla movies. most new kids nowadays dont even know who godzilla is, good for you for shaking the dust off and bringing it back out

... half the stuff in this is traced (much like all of your work on DeviantArt). If you keep tracing art and passing it off as your own, you'll never improve as an artist or animator and will just sink into obscurity.

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LordAsylus responds:

I am not a tracing and you are just a mean person!

it's ok.... I guess. maybe put more effort into the animation and stuff?

LordAsylus responds:

I did put effort.

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Oct 9, 2012
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